Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh what a friday!!

Hello! We have a computer back( my sisters laptop) Thank you to Mr.Mike Haskin in Rochester who does such an amazing job on fixing computers for a fantastic price! Now he is working on our desktop computer fixing that it has a darn virus in it!
Anywho Happy Christmas Eve,Eve! Yeppers i did last min Christmas shopping today and lordy i will never do that again! This is the 1st year i ever waited so long...well we kinda had no choice when  you had no money to spend...but i got it done and all wrapped...well besides 1 special gift i'm making for my step dad..Some Norwegian cookies..i will make then Saturday night and give them to him on Christmas day! I'm excited because i have a box of different Norwegian cookies i have made him and i can't wait to give them to him!  Well tomorrow is going to be a busy day, I have my In-Laws Christmas and we have to be there at 9am.. and i have a few errands to run in the morning before we go plus on top of it it will take me awhile to get ready so another early morning. Lets hope i can get some sleep tonight... i got some last night but was wide awake at 4am. for about an hour..oh well....

Anywho..1 more day of clomid left! Saturday night will be my last lets hope and pray it works...if not we will have to come up with 1100$ to do the gonal f shots..witch i know worked the 1st time so maybe round 2 will work..and we won't end up in disappointment....but we will wait and see!