Sunday, November 24, 2013

Its been awhile....4 Months-5 months...

Sorry everyone its been while! Life has been busy :) But good busy!
Tori is Now 5 months old!!
Where the heck did the time go?? Next month shes half a year!! Makes me sad to see her grow up so darn fast!!
well let try to catch everyone up

She got her 4 months shots..and hated them..i mean hated them..the poor girl screamed bloody was so so sad..broke mommy 's heart :(
she is still sleeping in her crib..she only gets up 1 time and thats around 11;30-1, time for a feeding and back to bed..then were usually up around 530 am
she eat around 6 1/2-7 oz of formula ! We have started baby food :) and she loves its and does so well with it (started it at 5 months) she can roll from tummy to back, and ALMOST back to tummy but that darn arm gets stuck under her and she just rolls right back to her back.. she found her voice and she screams, and coos and giggles..also we have found our toes..she loves to eat her toes..pretty funny if you ask me..she loves being up right (enjoys her exerciser, and jumper)  She loves bath time..she could probably stay in her bath all day if i let her :) Shes differently a water baby.She loves the animals she laughs when the come around her its so cute!
Her grandpa Sloan was up for a month and half and she got so many cuddles from him!!
Tori also got baptized and it was such a beautiful day!
We had a few professional pictures taken with My 2 sisters and my 2 nephews and Tori and i..they turned out amazing as always :)
Today we are getting family pictures done at a tree farm!
we are dealing with a flat spot on Tori's head..we are going to try a few things and if nothing works she will be getting a helmet next hopefully this new hat were getting her will help :) We will be going to my moms  for thanksgiving and she will be around so many people that love her..
Tori was a princess for thanksgiving :)

well sorry for such a late update :) and its so short..but going to try to get some sleep :)