Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Thursday!!

Good Morning everyone and Happy Thursday!!
I am up bright and early and in a pretty good mood..besides this stupid headach but it will go away... Today Mr.Blaze man is going to come hangout...maybe if the weather is ok we might go for a small walk...but we shall see it would be nice to get him out and pluse he enjoys being outside...but if its to windy or jut down right could.. we will stay inside where its nice and warm!!

Can you belive he will be 1 on Friday!! Yep this little guy is going to be a toddler!! Eeek crazy huh, soon he will be getting into everything!!! Oh well part of growing up

Leo and i are going way this weekend...leaving Fri and coming home Sunday pretty excited to get away..Hopefully the weather stays nice and we can go hiking up at the Hudson waterfall...thats our goal!! :)

Did zumba class last night with my sister Renay! It was a Hit..She did a great job and i loved getting back into this week i'v been watching what i eat and exercising and down 3lbs whoop whoop Only 8lbs left to go to get down to my goal weight again!! I know i can reach it!!

Anywho have a great day everyone!!