Monday, December 12, 2011

less then a month..

In less then a month a lot will be going on...#1 christmas,,.Blaze and Coltons 1st xmas that's a big deal! Blaze I can see him already just excited because everyone is there*note:he loves his family* but to open his gifts and play with the paper and boxes and toys..his face is going to be priceless. Needless to say that reminds me*find camera charger!* Colton on the other hand...he won't really understand what's going on..but hopefully he's awake and looking around... #2 Blazes 1st birthday party!!! Can you belive he will be 1 on the crazy is that..but soo exciting. #3 jan 1st 2012 were suppose to be starting provera*as in we,I mean me haha* however...depending on money sitiation on the last day od dec..we might have to hold off...because in order to get my gonal-f shots and ovadril shots I need just a little over 1000$ and so far we have 189$ yep have along road to go..but what can you do when the cash flow is not there? This is the longest Leo has been off work and I know he hates it...but he's trying everything just to earn a 1$ and I'm so blessed and thankfull for that...........well that's all for now...

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