Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A chemical pregnancy tease

The chemical pregnancy heartache. Another special moment in infertility.

A chemical pregnancy, meaning a very early miscarriage, where a positive pregnancy test was detected before the woman’s period was due and results in a negative pregnancy test following a period-like bleed.

You were almost there! You had a positive pregnancy test in your hand and something special in your belly. You were just about to throw away your membership to the infertiles club and join the fertile pregnancy club. You and your husband got to celebrate the pregnancy for about 15 minutes when you start to spot. Then you bleed. This doesn’t seem right. Take another pregnancy test. Still positive one day and then negative the next. Well, this is confusing. Are you pregnant or aren’t you? You were so close, and now the moment is gone, leaving a familiar ache in your chest. You wish you could just put a plug down there to stop the bleeding or perhaps some embryo super glue to stick it back in. You will cry for awhile and hurt for a little longer but then you get up, dry your tears, and learn to smile again.
{it's been almost 2 months since I had my dnc done one of the worst things ever and I don't wanna ever have to do it again it makes you feel so empty after its done. However we're back on the road to trying to conceive again it's very scary and I just hope for the best!!}