Monday, November 26, 2012

11 week!!


Im starting to get a little more energy still get very tired at night time around 530ish
Im ready to eat dinner and relax around that time!

Start weight was 183.
todays weight 183.6
i haven't gained much but my belly looks gigantic!!!

We can hear the babys heartbeat on the doppler a very strong heartbeat..Makes me 1 happy momma!!
Leo and i bought a baby bib, and burp rag that other was at someones house who made homemade items..

I have my days where i can eat anything, and other days where i can't eat nothing!

Thanksgiving with the family was a blast!! We had my moms thanksgiving on thanksgiving day...a big ol turkey and all the fixings..i hate some but not much...and my mom, marie and i went black thursday/friday shopping..and boy did it whip my butt i couldn't even go into walmart (the last store we went to ) i was soo tired..but it was so fun!! got some great deals!! It was so much fun!!

Had my inlaws thanksgiving Yesterday and we had a Ham with all the fixings..i did fill my belly yesterday!!

a week from today i have my 12 week doctors appt!! Yippie...well baby is just trucking along...before we know it i will be in my 2nd trimester!! how exciting!!

11 Weeks

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello 9 Weeks...

Today im 9 weeks pregnant yippie :)

i have had to get me a few new shirts since my boobs are growing other shirts just don't fit me right..also got me a few pairs of pants also because i swear my hips are growing overnight

morning/night and afternoon sickness comes and goes...and tender breast and growing belly and nasuea
and tired...and peeing all the
But i will take all the symptoms!! lol can't wait till thanksgiving and spend time with my family!!

p-s baby is the size of a cherry :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

being pregnant is scary...

8 weeks tomorrow and being pregnant is scary!!!!!!!!!
every thing i worry about..every little pain or mild cramp or belly ach..when im sure/or/at least its just growing pains! when you something so bad you worry and worry!!  i wish i didn't have to wait till December 3rd to go back to the doctor but...thats how it is i guess...a waiting game!
My body is growing 8 weeks!! and if you know me i freak out about gaining weight after loosing 120lbs and gaining weight is scary!! I still on weight restriction..i can't life much more then 25lbs more then a few times a day...and if i walk more then half hour i start life has been kinda crummy lately..My family is doing an awesome job with supporting me anyway they can!! Im so thankful for that!

nausea seems to hit me whenever it wants today...ate breakfast went to fleet farm to go shopping and i had to throw up...yes i hate throwing up in public places...but i had to!

peeing...when they say your pregnant and you pee thats soo true!! im up a few times every night peeing..remind you i do drink a bunch of water during the day and evening

and my boobs are

I am very blessed to have baby newman...but being pregnant is hard!! :(
Can't wait to meet baby :)

Doctors apt update

 There is baby bean :)
the day this was taken we were 7weeks 1 day pregnant with a heartbeat of 142 bpm Due date is June 17th
2 days before our 9 year wedding anniversary! How exciting to have a new baby to celebrate our anniversary...or either be in the delivery room!!That would be a great anniversary gift :)