Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Wed...but lets back up to tuesday

Happy Wed!

Sorry i didn't get online to write yesterday...i was busy with Blaze all day then i wasn't feeling good so i rested and tryed to get some sleep

So day 3 of diet....went ok i guess

breakfast=1 boiled egg and half of a grapefruit
1 cup of green tea

lunch=chicken breast with tomato and cucumbers in light Italian dressing and an apple
and spit some yogurt with blaze(yes i was hungry at lunch times)
1 cup of green tea

dinner=2 salmon patties and a some mushrooms and i had 2 small bites of blazes french toast
1 cup of green tea

also in between had my 8cups of water

from Sunday i was 170lbs-today i was 166.8lbs so i'm pretty happy witih that

Blaze sure kept me busy yesterday
we played and played, we colored and we played with yogurt on our highchair tray(i believe he thought that was cool) we practiced getting up on our knees to start crawling and we played with the dog he also got some hanging out time with Uncle Leo.....Leo came home so he could watch blaze andi could go to blaze was sleeping then he woke up when i went to lay him down then leo started playing him with some toys and he was fine...then i left the room and he started to cry...1st off i hate to to hear him i got up..i know leo could of handled him...but he was an un happy i sat on the couch and he sat with uncle leo and they played with his toys and he was fine...Not that i didn't be live leo couldn't handle him...blaze just doesn't see him that much...

anywho today is going to be lazy.......have a good one everyone