Saturday, January 4, 2014

6 motths

Wow six months already where has time gone Tori had her first Christmas and boy did she get spoiled lots and lots of fun new toys and clothes!!! she had a great time opening her gifts !she is eating baby food now ! she does really really good with her baby food! Tori is now 16 pounds got her six-month shots did pretty good only cried a few minutes no fever .she is very vocal has a voice and knows how to use ,, tori loves bath time she loves to kick and splashing splash's if she could she probably would take baths all day long. She along her johnny Jumper she Jumps and jumps she's one active little girl !she rolls onto her belly and playing on her belly..

Tori had to get the helmet due to a severe flat spot on her head today is day one of her wearing it she'll be wearing it for one hour on and hour off throughout the day so far so good! Eventually she will be wearing her helmet 23 hours out of 24 she will be sleeping with it during naps and bedtime... She should be wearing a helmet four  a five months and then hopefully everything will be corrected and it should be off before her birthday! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Its been awhile....4 Months-5 months...

Sorry everyone its been while! Life has been busy :) But good busy!
Tori is Now 5 months old!!
Where the heck did the time go?? Next month shes half a year!! Makes me sad to see her grow up so darn fast!!
well let try to catch everyone up

She got her 4 months shots..and hated them..i mean hated them..the poor girl screamed bloody was so so sad..broke mommy 's heart :(
she is still sleeping in her crib..she only gets up 1 time and thats around 11;30-1, time for a feeding and back to bed..then were usually up around 530 am
she eat around 6 1/2-7 oz of formula ! We have started baby food :) and she loves its and does so well with it (started it at 5 months) she can roll from tummy to back, and ALMOST back to tummy but that darn arm gets stuck under her and she just rolls right back to her back.. she found her voice and she screams, and coos and giggles..also we have found our toes..she loves to eat her toes..pretty funny if you ask me..she loves being up right (enjoys her exerciser, and jumper)  She loves bath time..she could probably stay in her bath all day if i let her :) Shes differently a water baby.She loves the animals she laughs when the come around her its so cute!
Her grandpa Sloan was up for a month and half and she got so many cuddles from him!!
Tori also got baptized and it was such a beautiful day!
We had a few professional pictures taken with My 2 sisters and my 2 nephews and Tori and i..they turned out amazing as always :)
Today we are getting family pictures done at a tree farm!
we are dealing with a flat spot on Tori's head..we are going to try a few things and if nothing works she will be getting a helmet next hopefully this new hat were getting her will help :) We will be going to my moms  for thanksgiving and she will be around so many people that love her..
Tori was a princess for thanksgiving :)

well sorry for such a late update :) and its so short..but going to try to get some sleep :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3 months old!

Oh my gosh where has time went? Our little girl is 3 months old!!
she is 11lbs 11 oz and 24 inches long! she is such a great baby! She is sleeping in her crib like a champ
sleeps from 10-1030 to 2-4:30am some nights were up 1 time and sometimes were up 2 times..but no more then that we do a diaper change and bottle and then back to sleep she would think mommy would get a good amount of sleep..but it takes me around a 1/2-1 hr to go back to sleep after feedings..but oh worth it! she is cooing so much, i just love talking to her. she smiles all the time! and most of all shes starting to laugh! its so cute! she is growing up.she has such a little personality! we are doing cloth diapers not 100% but most of the time.. we use disposable at night, and if someone is watching her. i love doing cloth diapers it has saved us a bunch of money already. She had her 1st fever it was when we went on a weekend get away :( but tylenol took it away and she is getting better dealing with a little cold . She went swimming for the 1st time with mommy at the swimming pool at our hotel, she loved it.! she is such a happy baby! She enjoyed cuddles and being outside. She loves to go for walks and she also loves when we talk to her! she is learning how to laugh, its so cute she has only done it a few times! Daddy got to hear her last night. its so fun to see her grow up but yet so sad..because it is going fast... but i wouldn't change it for anything!

Monday, August 12, 2013

My baby girl is 2 months old!!!!!

My miracle baby is 2 months old today!!!!! Where does time fly! Being a mommy is wonderful!
There are hard times but you know what we just work threw them hard times or ask for help! 
Shes a good baby..we had a rough week or two but we went to the doctors and got her formula switched and that has mad a big difference!! she slept last night from 9:30pm-430am, then took a bottle then went back to bed till 730! Yep mommy enjoyed some good sleep :) 

Tori is 9lbs 7oz, 22 inches long
-loves her swing
-sleeps 5/6 hours at night (or more)
-she loves music
-she loves when people talks to her
-loves the doodlebops
-gets her 2 month shots on the 19th

Friday, August 9, 2013

Its been awhile since i wrote........some updates on mommy hood/Tori

We have been busy!! Tori will be 2 months old on Monday!! wowsa where does time fly! We had many 1st this month

1) 1st  family weekend vacation and went to a hotel and went to a fair and spent the day at the fair it was fun seeing all the animals and just enjoying my little family! Tori slept most of the time, but when she was awake she loved looking at all the animals! It was so nice to be with my husband and my daughter for the was nice to get out of the house!
2)We also had Tori's 1st family Reunion on the newman side it was a beautiful day the food was good, the company was great the kids were enjoying the weather outside and Tori even was outside and enjoyed it!! 3)We also took Tori to church for the first time and she slept the entire time, she was even snoring!! lol We are hoping to get her baptized in the near future. Her Godparents are (My 2 sisters, Renay, Marie and my best friend Mike and my stepbrother Jacob)
4) Tori had her first slumber party at grandma himles house! She did really good. She loved all the snuggles she got and enjoyed her cousins..Mom/daddy got a good night sleep that night!
5) Tori had her first trip to Illinois with Daddy, Uncle mike and mommy. She slept most of the time in the car..she did really good. She was loved and snuggled on by so many people!
6) Tori had her 1st illinoins family reunion it went good once again..we had TONS of food, and great company!
7) She will be going to her 1st wedding this weekend (zane and sara) and then spending the night at grandma newmans house for the 1st time!!
8) Tori seen her first waterfall at minneopa falls last weekend!! we spent the day outside hiking it was fun!!

wow have we been busy as a family!
I enjoy every moment of being a mommy! some days are harder then others..especially when we had a weeks worth of crying and crying..took her to the doctor and she got on new formula today is day one of no crazy crying..knock on wood that all we needed was a change in formula!

well my little girl will be 2 months old on monday!! I can't believe it!! will update with a new blog then :) Enjoy some pictures!!

1st day of church

Blaze loves Tori aka tattoo 
Mommy, Tori, Grandpa, Great Grandma

1st waterfall Minneopa falls

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1 month old

Wow, where the heck did that time go?!?  its 4:16pm Tori was born 3 min ago this time last month..she was put up on my chest and i was looking into her eyes..just fell into love with this beautiful miracle! she is a blessing from God! Leo and I enjoy being parents..its not always easy but we just take it day buy day... Tori had her 1 month apt today and she is a whopping 8lbs 4 oz, 21 inches long!! my little girl is growing growing growing!!! She is a healthy baby! and we couldn't ask for anything else! It seems like yesterday when i got my positive pregnancy test..and i thought my 1st trimester was never going to end..but looking back my pregnancy really did go fast..and i was healthy besides my horrible 3rd trimester restless legs..but i couldn't ask for a better pregnancy or labor..I couldn't ask for a better support team threw everything!! Not only did Tori bless our lives she blessed her family's lives..She is loved so so so much!
Mommy is happy to say we are starting to grow out of her NB clothes..some still fit but some don't..i swear she was wearing the same thing over and with it being so hot were just chilling in onsies to keep cool!!

Tori likes/dislikes
- likes her bouncy seat
-likes her baths
-likes snuggles from anyone
-likes tummy times
-likes being outside
*dislikes her carseat
*dislikes her swing

**picture time**

Monday, July 8, 2013

3 weeks old

-I like to eat every 3-4 hours
-I drink around 4 oz of formula
-I love taking a bath
-I love being outside
-I don't like my swing
-Im trying to coo

Happy 3 weeks
Our  baby girly will be a moth old next week!!  Where the heck does time go?!? i love being a mommy..shes a great baby..We are dealing with spit up..we will be trying new formula again tomorrow..this is her 3rd hopefully it helps..if not i will be taking her to the doctor and see what she has to say... she is staying awake alot during the day..and she loves her play mat that her grandma got her.  Tori had her 1st holiday **Happy 4th of July** she looked so cute in her outfit that her daddy got her.. We spent the day at grandma/grandpa house..spent the day outside with the family.and she got lots of snuggles, from grandma and great grandma and grandpa.. Blaze loves her and Colton is starting to warm up to her..its so cute watching the boys with her.. i love it..she is loved!!
Tori went to her 1st zoo trip, with mommy, aunti Nay, and cousin colton..and she slept pretty much the whole time.. haha...

1st 4th of July

1st 4th of july

1st zoo trip

1st zoo trip