Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

Me and my Neice Helen...Having fun with the camera

Hello Everyone! Merry Christmas Eve! I hope everyone has had a fantastic and blessed day like i have. Today Leo and i spend the day at his folks house. We chatted up a storm had some lunch opened ed some Christmas gifts and then all went to church. The kids (Jimmy & Helen) made out like crazy in gifts this year! They had so much fun tearing the wrapping paper off the gifts...Jimmy got to the point where he figured out he can walk and open up we had a nice paper trail from the front room into the utility room.. pretty cute! Then off to church we went, we met my sister Renay there and we had a great service.. Started out with a poem that brought tears to my eyes..just reminded me once again of my dreaded Mc i  had...It saddens me very much to be childless once again on a major Holiday...I would love to have a child to love and spread holiday cheer with and to start our own new traditions....But that time will come and i can't wait!! I hope sooner then later!!

Christmas day is tomorrow...and i will be at my moms house...Oh boy is it going to be crazy!! Blaze and Colton are going to be spoiled little boys...I can't wait to spend time with my family and watch them open there gifts(well no so much colton consider hes only 2 months) but it will still be a blast no matter w hat!! Have an amazing Christmas everyone...Be Safe