Monday, December 19, 2011

Eeek hello period!! (tmi)

So while we were at the beautiful waterfall in Hoka I felt like I had to pee but I held it and it went away then half hr felt the urge again then I said Leo let's go I need to use the restroom and so off to kwik trip we went..and I went to the bathroom and sat down and my pants were filled with blood I was bleeding very heavy and the toilet was filled with blood so I finished up in the restroom and told Leo and we had to go get me new pants and undies and change I was pissed!!!!! It put a damper on my day because it sets back treatment almost a month!!! I can't do my gonal f shots till February now!!!!!!!! But we're hoping that since my period came in its own and it wasn't medically induces that maybe its a good sign !! We're waiting to hear back from the doctor hoping to do clomid this month!!! So lots if prayers and baby dust