Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3 months old!

Oh my gosh where has time went? Our little girl is 3 months old!!
she is 11lbs 11 oz and 24 inches long! she is such a great baby! She is sleeping in her crib like a champ
sleeps from 10-1030 to 2-4:30am some nights were up 1 time and sometimes were up 2 times..but no more then that we do a diaper change and bottle and then back to sleep she would think mommy would get a good amount of sleep..but it takes me around a 1/2-1 hr to go back to sleep after feedings..but oh worth it! she is cooing so much, i just love talking to her. she smiles all the time! and most of all shes starting to laugh! its so cute! she is growing up.she has such a little personality! we are doing cloth diapers not 100% but most of the time.. we use disposable at night, and if someone is watching her. i love doing cloth diapers it has saved us a bunch of money already. She had her 1st fever it was when we went on a weekend get away :( but tylenol took it away and she is getting better dealing with a little cold . She went swimming for the 1st time with mommy at the swimming pool at our hotel, she loved it.! she is such a happy baby! She enjoyed cuddles and being outside. She loves to go for walks and she also loves when we talk to her! she is learning how to laugh, its so cute she has only done it a few times! Daddy got to hear her last night. its so fun to see her grow up but yet so sad..because it is going fast... but i wouldn't change it for anything!