Monday, December 19, 2011


It's been awhile since I wrote our computer is still not working so I'm typing this on my phone. I've been busy the last couple days! Spent all day Saturday making cookies with my family I had so so much fun!! It was much needed time with the girls and my nephews! Leo and I went to church on Sunday with Renay and she really liked our church! Then we decides to spend the day shopping! It was fun and Leo surprised me by taking me to a waterfall on hokah mn and the weather was perfect we walked and laughed and smiled and kissed just like teenagers lol I enjoyed every single minute of it!! Then off to lacross wi to do some Xmas shopping!! We hit shooko the mall and once upon a child we got a lot of shopping done but needless to say I still have stuff to get eek!!! Lol. After all the wonderful shopping we went to the rotery lights down town. We parked and walked down to the park it was beautiful the lights were amazing! Walking Hand and hand with my husband was priceless we seen some amazing lights!! We then decided we were hungry so we walked up town and ended up walking a while because we didn't know what we wanted. We ended up going to a nice place sorry cant remember the name of it at the moment. We split dinner and we had prim rib, shrimp, soup , potatoes, bread basket and it tasted amazing!!! Thank god for sharing a dinner because it was a lot of food!! Then we walked back to our car and came home!!! An amazing day and I'm so thankful I got to have such a great day with Leo!!!