Thursday, December 1, 2011


Iv been thinking...Im Lucky to have the most amazing man ever! Yeppers im a proud wife to Leo J Newman..We have had our VERY, I Mean VERY rocky moments..our moments where we both waanna run away and give up..Our moments where we wanna scream and just hate the world...but threw all them horriable moments we have had 20times more happy moments..We are so blessed..We may not have the best house or the best car..but them are MATERIALISTIC items..we have our heath and a roof over our head and love..very strong love for each other...He is my best friend/ lover and my rock. I love him and think god for him every single day. He has been by myside for everything..He has never ever gave up on me when i was ready to give up on myself and this crazy world.. He stayed strong when weak and he held on to me instead of letting me go during rocky times.
I am blessed truly best..and i know every woman says this about her man..but ladys..i have the best of the best..and i love him so much
i vow to be the best wife ever to this amazing man!!