Monday, April 29, 2013

33 weeks

33 week!!
were down to 49 days till my due! where the heck did the time go? it just seems like yesterday i was 3 1/2 weeks pregnant and freaking out!! No i have a little over a month left till we get to meet our beautiful baby girl!! EEEK! im excited, scared and overwhelmed with joy! I can't wait till our daughter is here! Im so so so ready to be done being pregnant..i know i shouldn't say that..but these friken leg cramps/spasams are killing me at night! I just wanna lay in bed and go to sleep..not lay down, get up and walk, lay down, get up and take a bath, lay down, then go on my exercise ball, then lay down and massage my hip or legs, i wanna just LAY DOWN AND SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!
I have been very tired, i  try to get up and do stuff during the day, clean, laundry, dishes ect...i have to push myself to do it..
I feel good most of the days besides the tiredness, i have not had any sickness..i have noticed that some food smells are making me gag again..just like my 1st trimester. My belly is gigantic!! But oh well, when she arrives i will get back in shape ( i hope) I have noticed swelling in my fingers when its warm outside or if im in a building where its warm..and sometimes at night my toes are a little swollen but nothing major.
Tori is a little mover and groover she still favers my right side..she is always on my right side and i have a big bulge on my right side of my belly its pretty darn funny when im laying down you can always tell where she is!
Leo and i went to all day lamaz class on Saturday it was pretty infomrattive, but also pretty long..and it killed us to be inside when it was 70 and sunny outside! but we managed it! and we stayed at a beautiful hotel in lacross and just relaxed Saturday night.. Sunday we got up and started the day early..ate some breakfast outside and then did a little big of shopping got me a pair of kapris and some flip flops..i was dieing in my maternity was around 72 and sunny and i need some kapris! Then we just spend the day sight seeing , stopped at a few parks and a few waterfalls.. it was perfect just Leo and I! It was so relaxing..lots of fun and smiles and just us..i wish the weekend didn't have to end..I miss him when hes gone! He is my rock!
We still have so much to do
-finish Tori's room

  • finish electrical
  • finish sheet-rock
  • paint
  • decorate
  • put up crib
  • put in her changing table
  • put in her dresser
  • organize
-de/clutter our bedroom

-i wanna give all the animals a bath a week or so before my due date
-wash Tori's clothes
-pack hospital bags

So much to do in such little time..lets hope she comes near her due date and not any earlier!!!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

32 weeks.....

32 growing belly :)

Wow..we have 8 weeks left until my due date!!!!!! How crazy is that?!?! The babys room is in slow progress, but progress is being made..should be able to paint in a week or so! Yippie, makes for one happy momma, then we can get her crib up and everything else organized!! I can't wait!
Things are going Ehhh, ok i guess...sleeping sucks i have restless legs in both legs and leg cramps..yep don't know if this cany get any worse really..during the day im fine..besides tired/and up walking, taking baths, taking showers trying to relief the cramps/restless legs..its really taking a toll on me.. and i know there is nothing that is going to help besides what im doing.. but it could go away that would be nice!
Going to the Chiropractor today (hopefully) and getthing a massage tomorrow so lets hope and pray i get some relief from them!
Other then that everything is good. Had a doctors apt a week or so ago, did our birh plan and got to hear tori's hb everything is good there. Spent Saturday with my sister and newphew hit a few garage sales got some nice maternity tops and a few outfits for Tori (like shes needs them) This girl is going to have way to many clothes, because there are so many cute ones!!
We have our all day L&d class this saturday and then leo and i are staying at a hotel..can't wait should be a good day! maybe sundays weather will be pretty nice and we can do something outside.. this gloomy cold, raining, snowy weather is so depressing!!!!
Next wed i have another ultraouns to check on Tori and see how big she is measuring and make sure she is growing the way she is suppose to be growing.
Still slowly working on my Thank you cards..Goal is to get them out before Saturday! I think i can manage that!!
There are lots of things we need to do still :-/

Finish room
pack our bags
buy some diapers/wipes
buy her changing pad
clean the house
catch up on laundry

im sure there is more..

Friday, April 19, 2013


Im sitting here Trying to get the house clean..and all i want to do cry..i feel very overwhelmed tired..beyond tired im exhausted physically and mentally.. My mind is aways racing a mile a minute.. i have a billion things to do or try to get done..but yet its so hard to do anything when your so tired.. Its getting to the point where bending over and picking up clothes is hurting my belly so iv just been crawling on the floor picking up stuff..and throwing stuff into a basket and then have leo carry the basket into the laundry room.. I have been trying to keep up on the house..but yet again hard to do when your so tired. My legs hurt at night and they twitch so bad i know i keep complaining about it..but there is honestly nothing i can do.. im doing everything in my willpower to help myself relive any pain or discomfort i have, even if that means taking a hot bath every two hours until 4am in the morning.. or sitting on the exercise ball..or falling asleep with a masager on my legs or sleep with my bedroom freezing cold because the heat only makes it worse (i know my poor husband has been frozen)( Note to self get out extra covers tonight) Iv been doing more walking, stretching and exercising during the see if that will help..sometimes it does..some times it dosent.. i eat bananas, heck iv even started drinking milk and i HATE, HATE HATE milk..i take my vitamins every single day and i even tried sleeping pills..sometimes they work sometimes they dont..
I am truly the most blessed person in the world to have this amazing little girl growing inside of me..Iv had a pretty easy pregnancy but this 3rd trimester is litterly kicking my a$$! I love my family and husband to death but sometimes i just feel alone..i talk to them ever single day and i love talking to my family but yet i still feel alone.. maybe depression?? i was talking to the nurse yesterday and pretty much was in tears because i feel house isn't getting clean, i have no energy to visit friends, i want my baby's room to be done...i also would like with doing stuff around my house.. i never ask for help, i hate asking for help, i hate borrowing money i enjoy doing stuff myself..but its getting to the point where..i need help.. but i won't ask for it and i will push myself to do it and get it done.. I don't want to be a burden on no one.. My mom and sisters are busy all the time and my friends have busy lives.. So like always i will be determined to get everything i want done.. and it will get done.. i know it will... because im good at pushing myself..and im more determined to get stuff done because who knows when this little lady will be entering the world.. could be tonight could be in 9 weeks.. we don't cleaning must go on.. life must go on.. and i will be ok.. i will do this... But i can tell you a few things that do make me happy!
I got to spend the day with my mom on Wed..most of it was at doctors apt but hey we got to spend alot of one on one time and i really enjoyed that. I also spent the night at her house on Tuesday and got to hang out with my sisters and nephews and my mom.. pretty much i love my family! Thursday Leo and I went to the doctor got our birth plan done and got to hear Tori's of the most beautiful things ever..and may i say she is a mover and a groovier...shes a busy bod! Also... April 27th Leo and i have all day L&D class then were stay at a hotel over night..should be a relaxing evening after a long day of classes... Then May1st Mom, grandma and I are going to see ms Tori..i get an ultrasound done.. I can't wait to see how much she has changed!! I just wonder what shes going to look like, if shes going to have hair, or chubby cheeks or long toes like her daddy, or the newman nose or the spittler nose.. i just can't wait to hold her..My family is so excited for her.. She is loved buy so many wonderful people.. and i can't wait for her to meet each and every single one of them special people in our lives :)

Well enough random talk...time to get back to cleaning :-/

Thursday, April 18, 2013

31 weeks and 3 days..

Can't belive were down to 60 days until my due date...EEEK!! time is flying..But i can't wait to see and hold her :)

We had a doctors apt today..we had a hour meeting with the nurse and did our birth plan and then she checked babys hb and it was perfect and measured my belly and it was perfect. All around my pregnancy is going great stupid dumb REST-LESS LEGS!!!!! sucks because im get alot more tired during the day because my sleep at night is crap!
however i did get some support socks that go all the way up my belly...and then my mother-in-law has this wonderfull machine that goes on my thights and leg/calf muscles and it pumps air and then lets it out..its a massager thing.. just got that today so im hoping and praying that helps alot!
still doing hot baths, eatting bananas, drinking vitamin water, working on my exercise ball, taking vitatmins, so any relief right now is great :)
We go back May 1st for a ultrasound! Pretty excited to see our little lady :)
Well have a good night!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The best babyshower....**ever**

This might be a short blog! But you have no idea how grateful and how filled our hearts are from everything we have received for our daughter!
I never thought in my wildest dreams i would actually have my own baby shower. After 8 1/2 years of trying for a baby you kind of give up on dreams like that because they only use to hurt. i was the one who always threw the showers..but never had one of her own.. and never thought i would have one. But after much support any many doctors trips. we are very blessed to be having this miracle baby! Very blessed!

Once again...Thank you.... 

I had my baby shower yesterday April-13th-2013 at the Theilman,Opera House.. My Sister Marie,Renay and my mom hosted it. And they did an amazing job!! The decorations were simply adorable, i loved all of them! And the food was yummy! The pulled pork and ham got donated from a family friend who owns a butcher shop. 
For Lunch we had
-Pulled pork sandwiches
-Hot ham sandwiches
-Fruit salad
-Pasta salad
-My baby shower cake that was made from Andrea Day..she did a fantastic job!(she is the one who also made our gender reveal cake )

My mom and sisters put so much time and effort into my baby shower words can't even express how grateful i am. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life! I love my family to the moon and back and i will never be able to repay them for everything they have done for me! 
We have almost everything for Tori, just have to get a few items but they are not big deal! 
I had a fantastic time catching up with some family members who i have not seen in awhile and wanna Thank for making such a long drive for my shower! Also some wonderful friends i got to spend time with! You all mean so much to Us! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!

Something that sadly slip my mind is that i didn't get pictures with anyone!! And i usually don't forget ...but there were so many people there and so many different things going just slipped my mind! I wanted to get pictures with my family and friends!! Ugh...... But oh well, :-/

This adorable sign my sisters/mom made for my advice cards

My babyshower gift table (look at the cute flower pots my in-laws and neice made!)

Her 31 diaper bag :) 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just a list..................

Ok im 30 1/2 weeks pregnant and we have alot to do before baby comes!! Yikes!
So im going to make a list and hopefully i can start marking stuff off!


Tori's Room

  1. Leo needs to finish the electrical work
  2. The new sheet rock needs to go up
  3. needs to get painted
  4. walls need decorated
  5. crib needs to go up
  6. dresser/changing table needs to be put back into her room
  7. Organize her room
  1. Fridge needs cleaned
  2. Feezer needs cleaned out
  3. wipe down fridge
  1. Dust
  2. wash carpets (a week or two before due date)
  3. organize items
Master bedroom
  1. Go threw clothes in dresser
  2. clean top of dresser
  3. clean beside the bed and organize items
  4. sweep the floor
  1. Wash shower curtain
  2. scrub bathtub
  3. scrub toilet
  4. scrub floor
  5. wash window
  6. wash mirrors
Getting ready for Tori
  1. Wash all her clothes
  2. wash and prep her cloth diapers
  3. make wet wipe solution
  4. pack her hospital bag
  5. pack mommy/daddy hospital bag
  6. write down insurance info so we can call when she arrive
I want to also do a day of freezer cooking
i have 9 1/2 weeks to get this done!!!!!!!!!!
and guess what this Momma has No, i mean No energy!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

rest-less NIGHT!

Well going on night 1,000,000,000, 0000 with little or no sleep... Rest-less-legs SUCK!! They hurt, its annoying it makes me wanna cry sometimes!!! I know it might go away after Tori is here..but thats 10 weeks..give or take... I can't not go 70 days with little or no sleep..its really start to get to me and affect me during the day.. i have no energy to do anything! Not even to cook, or do laundry.. all i want to do is lay in bed and hope i get some sleep..i have tried everything under the sun to help me! but nothing is give me an relief!!.. maybe i should chop my leg off?!?! Just kidding.

Lets hope and  pray this goes away soon!!!!!!

30 weeks...and growing......

Hello my fellow readers!! We are now 10 weeks till my due date... Hello 30 weeks :)

30 WEEKS! Hello baby belly!

Ok..Lets back up a few days! On friday We had a ob apt. And everything turned out great..Her heartbeat was perfect, shes moving and grooving around and mommy was measuring right on track! I have gained
30lbs!! Yuck Yuck Yuck! If you know me..i have a horrible body image problem. I know having a baby is a blessing and her growing and being healthy is all i want.. But gaining the weight scares the hell out of me.. I don't wanna be that almost 300lb girl again..ever, never ever ever again!! Leo and i have been trying to take walks in the evening so that makes me feel a little better.. and iv been "trying" key word..trying to stay busy during the day..but its hard when your so tired! Like today i got out of bed at 10:30..really who does that anymore? i could have been up cleaning!! ugh oh well..must have been tired! pretty sure i could sleep the rest of the day make matters worse yesterday two kwik trip employees asked me how much further i had to go and i said 10 weeks..and there response was.."wow your big, are you sure there is only one?" i bet your going to have a big baby.. well thank you..yes im only have one.. pretty sure i wanted to cry..Then i was upset and posted something on fb..and i got such kind beautiful words from all my friends and they made me feel wonderful..and i couldn't appreciate what they said anymore.. it was so nice.. and they made me feel so great..and thank you to everyone for the kind words!..
I know im bigger, I know iv gained weight..i see it everyday...but my baby is healthy and that is all that matters!! for the past 3 yrs after weight loss surgery i was so hard on myself..exercising eating this eating i have slacked off a little/or/well a lot since iv been pregnant..but i know after Tori is here i will get back to the gym..heck im so looking forward to getting back to the gym..and i will do lots of walking..and it will take time to get the weight off..but iv done it one time before..i can do it again!!

Anywho! The month of April is a busy month!!
My baby shower is this so excited..words can't even express it! I mean after almost 9 yrs i have thrown my fair share of baby showers..i never in my wildest dreams would have thought i would actually get to go and register and have my own baby shower!! Im just in ahh..up in a cloud excited! I can't wait to see what Tori gets!! Im so blessed to have a mom and 2 sisters who are throwing this party for me. its not going to be a small party..were up to almost 40 people..and they have done all the work..just a few things iv helped with..but honestly they are truly wonderful!!

Leo and i have another doctors apt in a week 1/2 we will be doing our birth plan! How exciting!!! Then on the 27th we have our all day lamaze class...then may 1st we get our 3d much going on
plus on top of it all we need to finish tori's room..i mean actually finish it!! put new electrical work in it.. put new sheet rock up..paint. we have a bunch of stuff to do!!!!!!!! i wish her room was finished before the baby shower this week..but i know it won't get done..but my husband is trying is hardest..hes such a hard worker and i know if he could snap his fingers and make it be done he would....i do really want it done though... sooner then later...

How am i feel....
pretty good..tired, tired and well more tired...she is pretty active..her kicks and punches are getting stronger and stronger each restless legs..well lets say they suck!! doctor couldn't help..she just said keep doing what im doing and hopefully it will get better... so we shall see.. i dont' see it getting better anytime soon.. but you never know!!

well i suppose..i will write more next week!

Monday, April 1, 2013

29 WEEKS...and vent/rant...

hello 29 weeks! Growing momma/growing baby!

Hello Last day in my 20's!! Im 29 weeks pregnant today!! down to 11 weeks till my estimated due date!! whoop whoop.. were getting closer and closer!! I can't wait to have my body back!! well most i can't wait to stop having rest-less legs!! Its horrible!!
I have had a pretty darn good pregnancy and can't complain and try not to complain. Blood pressure has been great, morning sickness wasn't to bad, gained weight but not a big amount, feet have only swollen up a few times.. an well the occasional heartburn, and constipation.. but nothing has been as bad as my Rest-less legs!!! its going on almost 3 weeks of no stop twitching at night.. its getting to the point where it is physically and emotionally draining me.. when i crawl into bed at night i wanna cry... when i wake up in the morning i wanna cry.. im so tired my legs hurt and nothing seems to be working!! It sucks taking a bath at feels so good but your so tired you wanna fall asleep..but as soon as you get back into bed and relaxed here goes the crazy legs..

Here is everything i have tried 
-prenatal: take them every day
-extra vitamins: take them every day
-vitamins water: spending a $$ money to fill my fridge up with that
-bananas-eat them like crazy
-take hot baths at night-yep sometimes even 2
-i even got aroma therapy drops to put in my bath that says it helps with muscles
-drink lots of water
-tylenol pm-won't take makes my legs twitch worse
-unisum-works sorta scares me because the next day Tori' doesn't move very much at all
-meletonin-iv tried that yep..doesn't work
-going to the chiropractor-1 to 2 times a week-helps for 24hrs(sometimes)

Pretty sure my body hates me! I hope the doctor can help because i can't do this for another 11 weeks i will go crazy!!!!!!!!! 

were down to 11 weeks till our due date
1 week 5 days till my baby shower
4 days till my doctors appt!