Saturday, January 4, 2014

6 motths

Wow six months already where has time gone Tori had her first Christmas and boy did she get spoiled lots and lots of fun new toys and clothes!!! she had a great time opening her gifts !she is eating baby food now ! she does really really good with her baby food! Tori is now 16 pounds got her six-month shots did pretty good only cried a few minutes no fever .she is very vocal has a voice and knows how to use ,, tori loves bath time she loves to kick and splashing splash's if she could she probably would take baths all day long. She along her johnny Jumper she Jumps and jumps she's one active little girl !she rolls onto her belly and playing on her belly..

Tori had to get the helmet due to a severe flat spot on her head today is day one of her wearing it she'll be wearing it for one hour on and hour off throughout the day so far so good! Eventually she will be wearing her helmet 23 hours out of 24 she will be sleeping with it during naps and bedtime... She should be wearing a helmet four  a five months and then hopefully everything will be corrected and it should be off before her birthday!