Monday, October 29, 2012

7 weeks 1 day...and doctors apt tomorrow!!

Whoop whoop! we have made it to 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant..with no cramps and no bleeding
just mild spotting from the progesterone 1st ultrasound is tomorrow and let me tell you my mind is freaking out like crazy!! I wanna see a little baby and a little heartbeat..i don't wanna see nothing like last time..i keep remembering how last year we walked in excited and there was no baby i know this pregnacy is different then last year...but its still scary!! im trying to stay calm and busy...went out for a walk...been doing laundry and dishes and catching up on my dvr...but my mind is still going crazy..i bet i get little or no sleep!!

Last pg

found out we were pregnant at 3 1/2-4 weeks along
1st hcg levels 220
then dropped to 170 2 days later
then jumpped to 567 2 days later
then 876 2 days later

Lots of bleeding, lots of cramping
1st ultrasound  7 weeks 2 days..showed no baby no heart beat
blight ovum pregnacy
d&e on Halloween

On progesterone suppositories 20mg twice a day
then upped to 50mg still was bleeding alot  twice a day

This pregnancy
Found out we were pregnant 3-31/2 weeks along
1st hcg 37
2nd hcg 147
doctor was happy with them numbers

No bleeding, No cramping
very very tired
morning/afternoon sickness
can't eat popcorn (makes me sick)

On progesterone suppositories 50mg twice a day
1st ultrasound will be 7 weeks 2 days....lets HOPE and pray tomorrow goes well!!!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

6 weeks 6 days :)

We are almost to our 7th week!! whoop whoop!! how exciting!!
So far everything seems to be going good..No cramping(mild cramping i guess from my body growing, but nothing painfull) no bleeding (a few pink spots but irritation of the cervix from the suppositories  however i freaked out when i seen it i cried..but everything is good! I hope!! :)
I am tired all the time..i don't sleep well! Iv had a few cases of sickness...i can't eat popcorn it makes me bloated for sure..and i pee all the time!! But i will take it all!!! I can't wait until our 1st ultrasound next Tuesday im so excited!! But scrared...This time last year..i found out i was not pregnant the babys never grew i needed a d&c on halloween...but i was bleeding and lots of far this pregnacy seems so much different so im hoping to see a baby on tuesday and maybe see a little heartbeat!! My mom and hubby are both going to my apt im excited to have them there :)

will update on Tuesday :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

5 weeks :)

Yippie we have made it to 5 weeks! and  yes im a crazy lady who pees on pregnancy test all the time..haha
Everything seems to be going good...Im tired all the time...No bleeding...No cramping...Im trying to stay calm and relaxed and taking it easy so i can have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

The baby is a size of an apple seed

But so far so good :) Lets  hope October 30th we can see our little baby :) Please pray that everything is going good!!!
Thank you!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

4 weeks 5 day..

Hello 4 weeks 5 days pregnant!! Hello being Tired!!
We have our 1st us October 30th at 930am
I wish that day would come a little faster!!! it truly is going to be the L.O.N.G.E.S.T, 2 1/2 weeks of my life.. I just want to go and see my little baby! Iv been feeling good..Very much different then last years pregnancy
-No bleeding
-Not many cramps
-Very Tender breast
-Tired all the time
-Bm problems (tmi)

I can only hope and pray that everything is perfect on the 30th!! I don't know what i will do if something is wrong..because i feel like everything is going right this time..I will be heartbroken ! But im going to stay positive..Everything will be ok..Baby will be perfect and there will be a little heartbeat :)

Here is some info on baby :)

Your baby today

The embryo, still less than 3 mm long, now has a deep and narrow groove extending along its entire length. This groove will soon become so deep and its edges will curl over so much that it forms into a tube running along the length of the embryo.
Baby is size of a poppy seed :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ok.....drumroll please........

Yes ladys!! Were 4 Weeks pregnant tomorrow!! we are very early..i actually got a positive pg test 5 days before i was suppose to test

Thursday my hcg levels were 37
Saturday: hcg levels are 147
doctor is very happy with how things are going

iv had mild cramping..i get very tired and my body gets kinda sore after walking all day...went were on the go from 9am to 3pm and im tired!!!!!!!! i have not been sleeping good..kinda freaking out kinda like everything is so un-real
we were pregnant this time last year and i was bleeing the day after i took a pg test and bleed for non stop for like 3 weeks and it ended in a d&c on Halloween
i feel cramps...this pregnacy all ready feels different then before! Im happy <3 and i have an ultrasound in 3 weeks!! hope and pray that baby bean sticks and keeps growing and growing!!!!!

Due date is June 16th :)