Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1 month old

Wow, where the heck did that time go?!?  its 4:16pm Tori was born 3 min ago this time last month..she was put up on my chest and i was looking into her eyes..just fell into love with this beautiful miracle! she is a blessing from God! Leo and I enjoy being parents..its not always easy but we just take it day buy day... Tori had her 1 month apt today and she is a whopping 8lbs 4 oz, 21 inches long!! my little girl is growing growing growing!!! She is a healthy baby! and we couldn't ask for anything else! It seems like yesterday when i got my positive pregnancy test..and i thought my 1st trimester was never going to end..but looking back my pregnancy really did go fast..and i was healthy besides my horrible 3rd trimester restless legs..but i couldn't ask for a better pregnancy or labor..I couldn't ask for a better support team threw everything!! Not only did Tori bless our lives she blessed her family's lives..She is loved so so so much!
Mommy is happy to say we are starting to grow out of her NB clothes..some still fit but some don't..i swear she was wearing the same thing over and with it being so hot were just chilling in onsies to keep cool!!

Tori likes/dislikes
- likes her bouncy seat
-likes her baths
-likes snuggles from anyone
-likes tummy times
-likes being outside
*dislikes her carseat
*dislikes her swing

**picture time**

Monday, July 8, 2013

3 weeks old

-I like to eat every 3-4 hours
-I drink around 4 oz of formula
-I love taking a bath
-I love being outside
-I don't like my swing
-Im trying to coo

Happy 3 weeks
Our  baby girly will be a moth old next week!!  Where the heck does time go?!? i love being a mommy..shes a great baby..We are dealing with spit up..we will be trying new formula again tomorrow..this is her 3rd hopefully it helps..if not i will be taking her to the doctor and see what she has to say... she is staying awake alot during the day..and she loves her play mat that her grandma got her.  Tori had her 1st holiday **Happy 4th of July** she looked so cute in her outfit that her daddy got her.. We spent the day at grandma/grandpa house..spent the day outside with the family.and she got lots of snuggles, from grandma and great grandma and grandpa.. Blaze loves her and Colton is starting to warm up to her..its so cute watching the boys with her.. i love it..she is loved!!
Tori went to her 1st zoo trip, with mommy, aunti Nay, and cousin colton..and she slept pretty much the whole time.. haha...

1st 4th of July

1st 4th of july

1st zoo trip

1st zoo trip

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mommy Life..

Crazy To think this time last year Leo and i was on our 8 year wedding anniversary trip to Sioux falls,Sd! This year for our anniversary (June 19th) we brought our daughter home. The best anniversary gift ever!! Our Trip last year was alot of hiking, and sight seeing and drinking..i enjoyed it very much one of my favorite trips every and i hope to take Tori there someday..But being a mommy is so much better then any trip! I enjoy changing diapers, and feeding Tori and just looking into her eyes..I love talking to her and singing to her! I love watching Leo with just melts my heart..He adores her and she adores him! It makes me fall more and more in love with him..hes a wonderful father and husband!! I know sometimes i get annoyed with him only human and get frustrated with some of the things he does.. but somehow he just keeps his mouth shut and just puts up with me! and i love him for that!! I do  hope we get blessed and are able to get pregnant again.. i hope we don't have to use medication..because i really don't want to..not only is it harsh on my body..but its so spendy!! Im already working on getting my weight off.. Got my gym membership back and iv been watching what i down 15lbs already...30 more to go before im at my pre pregnacy weight..but i would like to drop 40lbs.. so we shall see how easy or hard it will be!! I am my worst enemy when it comes to my weight and i will get it off..i am determined!! So far being a mommy is amazing..the down fall is the lack of sleep (well im pretty use to it) but sometimes i get so tired i get bad headaches...but Leo's pretty good at letting me sleep in the evenings if i need..but i can also take Tori to her grandmas or great grandmas also..but it is hard for me to leave her..i know shes in good hands when i do leave her.. My mom got to spend the day with her yesterday..leo and i had a day together..attempted to canoe and fish but the water was to high and the current was to we just did some sight seeing and some shopping and had dinner and i enjoyed it..but i really missed Tori! i know it will get easier to leave her..but i don't plan to leave her very often..just to go to the gym or have a date night once in awhile... 
I enjoy waking up to her..she is all bright eyed and i just love her and i talk to her..shes Mommy's little girl!! well i will write another blog tomorrow..she will be 3 weeks tomorrow!!!!!!!!