Monday, August 12, 2013

My baby girl is 2 months old!!!!!

My miracle baby is 2 months old today!!!!! Where does time fly! Being a mommy is wonderful!
There are hard times but you know what we just work threw them hard times or ask for help! 
Shes a good baby..we had a rough week or two but we went to the doctors and got her formula switched and that has mad a big difference!! she slept last night from 9:30pm-430am, then took a bottle then went back to bed till 730! Yep mommy enjoyed some good sleep :) 

Tori is 9lbs 7oz, 22 inches long
-loves her swing
-sleeps 5/6 hours at night (or more)
-she loves music
-she loves when people talks to her
-loves the doodlebops
-gets her 2 month shots on the 19th

Friday, August 9, 2013

Its been awhile since i wrote........some updates on mommy hood/Tori

We have been busy!! Tori will be 2 months old on Monday!! wowsa where does time fly! We had many 1st this month

1) 1st  family weekend vacation and went to a hotel and went to a fair and spent the day at the fair it was fun seeing all the animals and just enjoying my little family! Tori slept most of the time, but when she was awake she loved looking at all the animals! It was so nice to be with my husband and my daughter for the was nice to get out of the house!
2)We also had Tori's 1st family Reunion on the newman side it was a beautiful day the food was good, the company was great the kids were enjoying the weather outside and Tori even was outside and enjoyed it!! 3)We also took Tori to church for the first time and she slept the entire time, she was even snoring!! lol We are hoping to get her baptized in the near future. Her Godparents are (My 2 sisters, Renay, Marie and my best friend Mike and my stepbrother Jacob)
4) Tori had her first slumber party at grandma himles house! She did really good. She loved all the snuggles she got and enjoyed her cousins..Mom/daddy got a good night sleep that night!
5) Tori had her first trip to Illinois with Daddy, Uncle mike and mommy. She slept most of the time in the car..she did really good. She was loved and snuggled on by so many people!
6) Tori had her 1st illinoins family reunion it went good once again..we had TONS of food, and great company!
7) She will be going to her 1st wedding this weekend (zane and sara) and then spending the night at grandma newmans house for the 1st time!!
8) Tori seen her first waterfall at minneopa falls last weekend!! we spent the day outside hiking it was fun!!

wow have we been busy as a family!
I enjoy every moment of being a mommy! some days are harder then others..especially when we had a weeks worth of crying and crying..took her to the doctor and she got on new formula today is day one of no crazy crying..knock on wood that all we needed was a change in formula!

well my little girl will be 2 months old on monday!! I can't believe it!! will update with a new blog then :) Enjoy some pictures!!

1st day of church

Blaze loves Tori aka tattoo 
Mommy, Tori, Grandpa, Great Grandma

1st waterfall Minneopa falls