Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Saturday and 1st major snow fall!!

Well the last couple of days i'v been busy busy busy! I went to Lacross wi, and went to Woodmans grocery store and did some shopping with my wonderfull mother in law and we got some amazing deals! We had subway for lunch..Yumm-o! Then went to winona and went to a couple other places and then got back to her house around 6pm. Then i came home made dinner relaxed watch tv and went to bed.... Today i hung out with my mom.. we went to a church in alma wi and they had a little silent auction for christmas and we looked at all the stuff there...then we were going to go to an arts and craft show but we were driving and talking and driving and talking and before we new it we past the place. So we just headed to winona.. we and had lunch at the ground-round and i had a steak and so did she and they were very yummy!! then we did some was so nice to be with her and have some nice quality time and be able to talk and catch up on life! Then i came home and it was snowing pretty good...a heavy wet snow and i filled up my bird feeders witch i know the birds will be going crazy over in the morning! Then i helped leo put some wood down in the basement for the woodstove..witch i LOVE during the cold days and night my house is soo warm!! and it saves on a lp bill!! Then i came in the houe payed bills..yuck no fun and then he decided he wanted to go drive in the snow so i decied to let him..then he came back picked me up because he wanted to show me some beautiful xmas lights..and they were very pretty then we went to the pioneer club and had dinner...i didnt eat much i got really full fast! Then we came home took some pictures and was a pretty good night..besides some bumps in the road leo and i had..but we talked threw them and figured them out and things are better! I love the 1st snow it makes me feel like a little kid i get so excited..Im most excited about getting up in the morning and all the trees are white and i'm hoping to get some beautiful pictures.. Hopefully i will have some for you guys to see sometime tommorw...Leo and i are going to start going to church again i'm pretty excited something i really want to do...but if the roads are crap they most likely will cancel it and we will have to wait till next week....but thats ok that is something worth waiting for!