Sunday, June 30, 2013

2 weeks old (tomorrow)

Photo: Happy Sunday <3

2 weeks old on July 1st

-I like to eat every 3-4 hours
-i drink around 3 oz of formula
- i love to be in my bouncy seat
-i love to snuggle with mommy-daddy
-i don't like my swing
-my belly button cord fell off last week
-i like to take a bath, but hate my hair washed

When they same time sure does... 2 weeks old tomorrow, my little girl is 2 weeks already!! I love being a mommy it truly is amazing, so worth the wait and never giving up, so worth all the ups and downs and disappointments, so worth all the money in the world. waking up to her every moring all bright eyed and looking at me...her mommy...she needs me every day..and i love that..she loves to look at her mommy and she smiles and shes a happy baby! i couldn't ask for more!! Tori is also madly in love with her daddy, she looks forward to him coming home from work and loving up on her and giving her kisses and snuggles! We actually both look forward to when daddy comes home. We have stayed pretty busy the last couple of days, between going and visiting grandma and her auntis and her cousins and visiting her great grandmas and going shopping and going out and about to fairs.. but also.. she got her newborn pictures done! We can't wait to see them. Kadi our photographer does amazing work.. and we love her! she is so sweet and just is a all around wonderful person!!  The weather has been pretty nice we have tried to get outside when we can..but Tori gets so hot and the bugs are kinda yucky..but she does enjoy being outside! Mommy and Daddy try to take her for awalk but it doesn't always happen.. Mommy gets tired after taking care of her all day and cleaning and just being a momma, but i wouldn't change it for anything.....
Tori Enjoys taking a bath but hates her hair wash. She also enjoys her bouncy seat but not a big fan of her swing. She is still swimming in her Newborn outfits. She is putting on weight her little face is getting rounder and rounder, but so cute!!
Tori loves all the snuggles she gets from her family! I believe shes going to be a grandmas girl! She loves her grandma!! Its so cute blaze calls her cutie or says shes so fun to watch him with her. Colton is warming up to her..each and every time they see each other, the other night he was trying to share cars with her and that a major thing for colton :) 
Her auntis adore her and love hold her and love on her!! 
Great grandma loves to show Tori off to all her friends and loves to kiss her and rock her! She is loved buy so many

We will be going down to Illinois at the end of July and visiting her grandpa sloan and grandma sloan and the rest of the gang.. its going to be a short visit but it will be fun, she also gets to meet her uncle jacob..hes pretty excited for that!!
Tori is loved by so many people its crazy! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives!  We couldn't thank each and everyone of you enough!! 
Here are a few pictures of Tori


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome Tori...Our Birth Story...

Ok...where do i start?!? Besides Im a mommy!!!
Tori Michelle was born on June 17th (her actual due date) at 4:13 pm, and was 6lbs 3.5oz and 19 3/4 long

Sunday Leo was busy outside doing some yard work next door (helping out an older couple) and i decided i was going to go outside and clean out my dogs swimming pool and his water buckets so ..i did i tipped over his pool scrubbed it down and filled it up..then took all his water buckets out and cleaned all them..then i realized i was leaking fluid..just thought i have peed myself..nothing major..went in the house cleaned up..and sat inside..still leaking fluid but not much..still thought it just her sitting on my bladder ..welli kept leaking i told Leo..but i still wasn't worried..(or maybe i was just scared ?!?!) ok that was it! I did tell my mom and she told me to call the nurse, i didn't want to..but thank god i did..(you should always listen to your mom ) LOL! The nurse then, had me put a new pad on lay down for 45 min and then call her back and tell her if there was any fluid on the pad..well after 45 min..sure enough there was..So she said i needed to come in to make sure it was my water leaking..Well i call my mom told her we were going her and my grandma got read to head out they were going to meet us at the hospital...I took a shower and Leo made sure everything was in the van..Then off we went.. i was scared, excited, nervous and just wanted to know what was going on... Well Leo and i make it to Labor and Delivery and they check us in..and they have me undress and i put a gown on and then Leo and i are in the room just waiting..waiting and seemed like forever!!!!! Mom and Grandma showed up..and we were still waiting...The doctor finally came in around 11ish..and checked me and then took the test out to see if it my water leaking..well around 1130ish..he comes in and said yep it was i was staying....well i was only dilated to a 3% 75 effaced and still was at a station at a 0 (i think that is were she was station at?!) so...they started me on my antibiotics (i tested positive for group b) and started pitocin and i had a long night we sent Mom and Grandma home (and leo's folks because they came up) and i tried to rest..however..guess what big suprise..My legs started to cramp up, my legs were twitching...i couldn't lay down and relax..i tried i was so so so uncomfortable... so the kind nurse let me walk the room and i walked and walked..well then we could pick up Tori's the nurse and the doc decided to put an internal monitor they did..and that didn't feel very good at all!! it hurt really bad......While i was going threw all this Leo was sleeping!!!!!!! Oh well, he needed so it didn't bother me at all because he was a major help during the parts i needed him! so after that was put in..i walked some more...well then pain started to get worse and worse...yep i was a the pain was going down my legs, and into my hips..and my legs were twitching so bad they were jumping off the bed..and it i decided to get and Epi..and lordy lordy anyone who can do labor with out and epi your truly awesome..because that make a 100% difference..However...........after the Epi was put decided to only work on 1 side of my body!! So i was still in alot of pain on my right side.. and my hip and leg was hurting so bad... between squeezing the red rail and leos hand..i thought my hands were going to break..well they had the anesthesiologist come in..and she had to move my epidural up a little and she gave me 1 very strong dose..and well hello numb body!! it started to work lol!! Well mom and grandma made it up..and so did miss Kadi (our birth photographer) and i slept alot when i could things were still progressing slow.. nothing major..lunch time came and went..still not much progress...well then i started to feel more and more pressure down below..and the nurse checked and i was dilated to a 9 and just had a little cervix next thing i know they are getting everything ready for arrive...calling down for more nurses and then the next thing the doctor came in..checked me and said..well she can start pushing..lord i was so scared thinking i can't do this......well i did..with the wonderful help of my husband and mom pushing my legs, and my grandma fanning me off when i was hot..i was pushing and pushing..but after a few trys i was getting sick..i was very nausea's.. and then i started to get sick..and pushing was hard..i would be able to push twice and i had to give up because i was going to get sick..i was making no progress..and i was ready to cry and give up..but everyone was helping me and cheering me on..and they also gave me some medication that help me with being then all of a sudden i new i could do i pushed and pushed and well..i was making major progress..they tell me to stop pushing (who the heck tells you that) lol!! the doctors came in..took there poky time to get dressed while my daughter was crowing and reading to come out and i wanted to push..then all of a sudden got to push..and i gave it all with the help and support of my family she arrived at 4:13pm!! pushed for 45 min and she was here!! we got to do skin to skin righ away for a very long i cried i was so happy i was so much in love with her..i didn't see anyone elses faces..but i new they were excited and happy and just as much in love with her as i was!!!
After much snuggle time they did her weight she was 6lbs 3.5 oz and was 19 3/4 long she had a head full of hair..shes is a beautiful little girl! Her daddy and I love her so much!! Everything went perfect..i couldn't ask for a better L&D, i couldn' ask for better support for me in my was a great day!!!

Thank you to everyone for all the comments on her pictures and for supporting us and all the kind words!!!
We are home and we love every min of it!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alot on my mind...........

I have alot on my mind..its going crazy!!! 
1st off i didn't write a blog about this but..Monday the 10th was my angel baby's due date..the would have been one or almost one.. its so sad...i still think about it and how it was such a hard time for me and how it caused me to go into a depression and how i wanted to be a mommy so bad
... and almost to year i conceived them i found out i was pregnant again. They were truly watching over there mommy & daddy..We are not blessed with a baby girl who is due any day..Her due date is actually only 7 days away from there due date.
I am so blessed to be pregnant with a a little girl and i can't wait to hold her and love her and snuggle her. I can't wait to see her daddy's face when he hold her and see everyone else face. she is loved by so many already.. she is something special! 
I am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant and im un-comfortable and sore and my body is killing me.. Im so ready to meet her. I had a membrane sweep yesterday and  i want nothing more then for it to work. But we shall see..Im try to stay busy (well not at the moment) and keep move to see if that will help, iv had some contractions on and off nothing major..but hopefully thats a start also no appetite..and when i do eat i feel sick or i get sick so im just going to try small meals or just soup..
I also am afraid of im sure im not the only one but..i want to meet her..but i want labor to go good..i just have so many fears but i know everything will be ok.. i will have my wonderful husband, my wonderful mom and grandma in the room there to support me and help me in anyway they can. 
I can't wait to bring Tori home, i hope everything goes well and i hope she loves her home and we all bond as a family..I also have fur babies i love to death to..and i hope they are good with her..and they don't act up and destroy my house or destroy her stuff..because sadly if they are bad we would have to get rid of them and that would make me heartbroken...but my daughter comes 1st...I think my fur babies will do great at least i hope so!! 
Well My bags are packed in the van, and Tori's room is done and all her clothes are washed and blankets are washed...i have been cleaning the house alot..i like my house clean :)

Well im going to go for a walk with the dog :) 
Lets hope Tori' is here by fathers day :) 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

39 weeks and 1 day..doctors apt

Had my weekly check up today..Not a whole lot of change
dilated to a 3, baby is station at a -1 thats the same as a zero she said..almost 100% thinned out..
we did the membrane sweep and hopefuly it will jump start labor, it can take 24/48 hours..iv been walking around and shopping with my mom..had a few contractions nothing major..some pressure nothing we shall see if this works or not..the memebran sweep did hurt..Next appt is June 21st..hopefully we don't have to go to that..thats 10 days away!!!!!!! Yikes lol hb was great, my blood pressure was good so far everything is perfect..just gotta get this labor going so we can meet her :) 

What is a membrane sweep?

During a membrane sweep, your midwife will insert a finger into your vagina and feel for your cervix. Then she'll make sweeping movements just inside the cervix to try to separate your amniotic sac from the cervix itself. This sometimes causes the release of prostaglandins.

What does a membrane sweep feel like?

We'd be lying if we said it was entirely comfortable, but it shouldn't be actually painful. It will feel more like having an internal or a cervical smear. If you were in labour you would probably not notice the discomfort, but because you're not yet having contractions when a sweep is performed you'll definitely feel it.

Does membrane sweeping work?

It doesn't work in all cases, and it's usually suggested when there's a bit of leeway before labour becomes an absolute necessity. This is because it can take up to 48 hours to work.

Pros and cons of membrane sweep

The advantages to having a membrane sweep are:
  • It's a natural method of stimulating labour (even if it doesn't exactly feel ‘natural'!).
  • It may mean you avoid further intervention - and the more intervention you undergo, the greater your chances are of ended up having a Caesarean or episiotomy.
  • You can have it performed at home or in hospital.
The disadvantages are:
  • It's uncomfortable.
  • There is a risk that your waters could be accidentally broken, which in turn increases the risk of infection to your baby. Because of this, if your waters break, you will usually be put under pressure to give birth within 96 hours (NICE guidelines) or less.



Thursday, June 6, 2013

38 weeks and doctors apt

wow today im 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant!! and my little lady is growing growing growing..and so is mommys belly!! Im fully of baby!! lol iv had a bunch of contractions but not consistant..they come and go some alot stronger then others..and i have a ton of pressure in the vjj area :-/ very very uncofortable feeling!

Well had a doctors apt today, just a check up...i have made some progress

Im dilated at a 2
80% thinned out
and baby is at a stage zero
So hopefully i start getting some contactions soon.. 
Other then that nothing new..Im tired and can't sleep..but oh well..i get my best cleaning done at like 2-3am in the morning..haha!! 
Well this is a short blog..nothing to new going on!! 
hopefully i will update soon..and we will have baby :)