Thursday, December 1, 2011

The best part of waking up..............

Not Foldgers in your cup...But a Happy Bubbly smiling little boy who shows up a few min after your up!!! Mr Blaze man is here for the day..He is napping right now on the couch...Sound asleep...We have a full day ahead of us..were going to go visit great greandma Edith and make his 1st stop at the library..Then back to our house..and play play play!! I am blessed to have such amazing little people in my nephews my neice there so fun and i just love them so much!!

So iv been selling things on craigslist and some winona website to raise money to put in our fertility far iv made 79$ lol.............OH well 79$ is 79 right..better then nothing...if you looking for anything let me know..
we have some shoes...and car headlights and mirrors..and other odds and ends lol

were trying thats all i can and grandma and leos folks re helping us out the best they can..and i thank god everyday for them in my life and for everything they are doing for us..i'm so lucky to have such amazing family!!

Also: I don't know how many of you read this but the few who do thank you so much...also i love writing and this helps me alot and i love to inform people on infertility and pcos!!

Well have a blessed day!! Because i know i will :-)