Friday, August 31, 2012

Im going to try...........

Im going to try and make the best out of today and the rest of the weekend
I take a pg test next week if its positive yippie if not then i will suck it up and move on to the next round of medication..i mean 1 more round isn't going to kill me..haha...i try not to be negative but sometimes i am..its hard.. especially when every person you know has a child but you! I would love to join the gym but i can't fork out 300$ i mean i have the money is savings but im not willing to take that out and use it towards a gym at my highest weight again 175! yikes!!! i feel and look like a blob :( my lowest every was 164/5- i would love to get down to at least 165 again..thats 10lbs i gotta get off ok..sounds easy enough right..WRONG because these flippen ten lbs don't wanna come off!! I did talk with a trainer but iv been thinking about it if i wanna do it or not...i have the tools i just need to push myself to do it...i need to walk/jog every day and eat right..iv done it before i can do it again..ugh..seems so easy but its not!!
so my small goals

drop 3lbs
walk every day even if its only 20min
do 30 sit-ups every day
drink alot more water
drink my 2 protein shakes a day
stay away from as many carbs as possible
stay away from candy/junk food
stay away from adult beverages

i can do this........................i think!!..................................

Thursday, August 30, 2012

i sit and wonder......

I sit and wonder if my time will ever come as a mother...This 2 week wait is killing me...iv had some symptoms of pregnancy however since im on progesterone that can give me the same symptoms! I want anything more then to be a mom..8 long years is to long on my gets to the point were nothing surprises me i don't cry anymore..i try to keep myself calm and stress free but..if you know a stresser..easier said then done...i have so many options to think i take a few months of again
drop another 15lbs and then start again? i do believe weight plays a factor i did get pregnant when i was at my lowest weight..i would love to join a gym i can't afford with between bills, and fertility medication, ect..and i would like to get a new vehicle but i don't see that happening anytime in the near future.... i stick with femera and do a few more rounds and hope for the best? insurances covered the femera so it only cost 3$ very nice on the pocket book...i didn't have any mature follies last round..but i did get a positive opk test..however..just because i got a positive opk dosent mean i actually ovulated it could mean i just had a lh i go back go gonal f shots sits my body responded to them? but yet im scared to over stimmulte and waste so much i just wait and save money and do iui and gonal f in jan...and just keep doing femera until then?
so many options i don't know what to do anymore..i wanted to be pregnant like 8yrs ago..and have like 10 kids...but heck i can't even have makes you feel less of a you fail in can't make your husband a dad..your father and mother grandparents or your brother or sisters aunts or sucks sometimes.......i get sick of hearing........

1) your time will come
2) just adopt there are so many children that need familys( ok if i had the money to adopts don't you think i would have moved forward in my infertility treatments?!?)
3) take a few months off (i have many many don't work)

so i ment to be a mother?! or will i be an aunt forever and never get to experiences motherhood??


Friday, August 24, 2012

Hope all these are good signs........

The last couple of days iv been having some symptoms.....I hope its a good sign that my body is working right

1) yesterday/last night got my 1st  happy ovulation face!! yippie!!
2) Hello Acne (i never ever ever break out in acne) 
3)Tired all the time 

4)Mild cramps on right side ( in the front and back) 

5)bloating!! i feel like i should be 5 months pregnant..i look extra chunky lol (only in the belly area)

Signs of ovulation.....

ovulate img

Common Signs of ovulation that occur in most women:

  • Change in cervical fluid. Cervical fluid that resembles “egg whites” is a sign that you are near ovulation or are ovulating. Every woman can experience her own type of cervical fluid, and not all cervical fluid looks the same. Ovulation usually takes place on the day a woman has the most amount of wet fluid.
  • Change in basal body temperature. For most women, you will see that prior to ovulation, the basal body temperature is rather consistent. As you get closer to ovulation, you may have a slight decline, but it will be followed by a sharp increase after ovulation. The increase in temperature is the sign that ovulation has just occurred. Tracking your basal body temperature accurately over a few months can help you predict when ovulation is going to occur.
  • Change in cervical position or firmness. The cervix goes through many changes as a woman ovulates. A woman may notice the clear signs of ovulation; her cervix will be soft, high, open and wet. For most women it will take some time in studying her body to be able to differentiate between what her cervix normally feels like and the changes it goes through during ovulation.
These 3 main signs of ovulation can be studied and learned so that you can accurately predict your time of ovulation. Using the Fertility Awareness Method many women have used these signs to prevent or achieve pregnancy.

Secondary signs of ovulation

There are other ovulations signs that women may experience in addition to the 3 main signs. These are called secondary signs and may not happen as consistently, if at all, for many women.
These may include:
  • Light spotting
  • Slight cramping or pain on one side of the pelvis
  • Breast tenderness
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Increased sex drive
  • Heightened sense of smell, taste or vision
Learning to track your ovulation and pay attention to your signs can be a challenge for some women at first. But over time, many women come to recognize these common signs very easily and are able to use them to gauge where they are in their cycle. Understanding your ovulation time can help you become more in tune with your body and be an active participant in what occurs each month.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A BIG FAT.........

we are ovulating with out my ovadril!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Todays doctors appt...Drum roll please.......

SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep... today's doctors appt was mature follies at all...they were there..nothing big!! so im suppose to use opks see if i get a positive almost 1500000% sure i won't....and then on cd 31 start provera again..bring on my period and start this damn cycle all over again!! Will it come to an end ever?!?!? All this negative stuff is making me go crazy..for forgetting stuff and i can't sleep and my mind is racing...seems like when we are not TTC all i wanna do is ttc, and get my positive..but when we are ttcing im ready to throw my hands up and give up!! i know i won' so lucky to have such amazing support from friends and family!! i will keep fighting this fight until i have a little one to call my own......but days today my heart just hurts.....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Will i ever be?,,,,,,,,,

Will i ever be a mom? That question no one can ever answer...but why does it hurt so much? iv been doing good...but this last couple of days my moods are horrible and i feel like life sucks...i just don't feel happy..i mean i am happy i have the most amazing husband and family ever..but i feel a piece of me is empty...also...went threw the milestone of my ""estimated due date June 10th"" now October is coming up in a few months..October 25th was the day i had my ultrasound and found out there were no babies growing and Halloween was my dread d&c..i know i shouldn't dwell on the past..and im a very strong person...but sometimes things just heart hurts...Kind of a slap in the fast a few days ago..i went on one of my websites i have not been on since i found out i was pg last yr..and it said..your baby should be 7 weeks now..yep...i should have a baby/or/babies in my house...i should be a momma...why can't i just let it go?? i mean its dumb right?!? dumb i can't move on?  i know there are a few that understand me..and a few of you that may trying to be strong...but all i want do is...scream and cry and just throw my hands up and be done with all the medications and doctors appt..but i can't be..because that's my only hope of becoming a mother..i don't have the money to adopt..

Watching my nephews and niece grow up has been a blessing, im so glade they are healthy and growing like weeds and that their parents allow me to be involved in there lives. I love them to the moon and back and much more........Had a family reunion today it was many kids..and yet leo and i were the only ones with out kids......i enjoyed watching all the kids run around and play but my heart kinda hurt..but thats ok..i will go on..i will put my happy face on and everything will be ok..thas ok to live life like that right?!? well..enough of this i will write more tue after my doc appt!!

****leave you with some pictures, take a few min and look at them ****

I Wish It Didn’t Bother Me

I wish it didn’t bother me
But in the depths of my heart 
and soul it does.

I long to be a mother 
And to hold my child close
To pick out names
Toys and clothes

I want to show a baby 
love so true and dear
To hug and kiss and cuddle with

I wish it didn’t bother me
To see all my friends and family
Being a Mommy or expecting

Going to showers 
Seeing Maternity Photos
It is heart breaking to know
That I will never experience it

Yea I can adopt
But it’s really not the same.
I wish it didn’t bother me

I want to feel the kicks
I want know what it is like
People say I am lucky
But I disagree

The heartbreak one feels
Being unable to bear children
It is indescribable

I wish it didn’t bother me 
But it does

To try and tell the guy you love
That you are unable to give him
Children of his own

What if he can’t handle it
He can’t accept that you’re damaged goods
What if he leaves you for a new girl
One that can give him kids

It is a cruel fate 
That I wouldn’t wish 
Even on my worst of enemies

Sometimes I just need to cry
I need someone to confide in
But despite their greatest efforts
They just don’t understand

I wish it didn’t bother me
But unfortunately it does

~ Nicole Richardson

A soft place to land

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday is........

Friday is my last day of femera Wow..seems like i just started it.. i have not had any side effect at all! Been kind of tired but other then that things have been going lets hope that a good sign..and not a bad sign... Yesterday(wed) i had a horrible migraine..i slept all day, and if you know me i don't sleep during the day unless im really really sick!!! it was bad..i slept and had an ice pack under my head for most of the day..But better thank god!! Because it was a bad day yesterday!!! Today i made a few things with my cricut...yep im in love with it :)
Tomorrow (Friday) im going grocery shopping with my granny...Yes its an all day process we drive an hr away to go to a big grocery store that we love called woodmans and we have lunch and just take our time! should be a good day! the weather is going to be nice!!
...Please keep your fingers cross that this medication works....and my follies are growing growing growing....


Please say a prayer for my friend GiGi, she gets her us tomorrow to see if clomid has been working and if her follies are growing and if she will be taking her trigger shot!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WHOLY Hot Flashes!!


Iv been on a few different fertility medications...and iv NEVER got hot flashes like this!!!!

im sitting in my ac house and im sweating like crazy!!!!! YUCK!!

Try to make the best of it i found a few funny pictures :)

Day 1 of femera....

Hello everyone!! Yesterday was day 1 of femera..and i took it at night ...and i felt fine no side-effects so lets hope day to is just as easy :) I have a good feeling about this hoping and praying that the feeling stays! Im doing everything i can do, eat healthy taking my medication, exercising, i feel good! Fingers crossed that this is our month!! and if it is that baby bean sticks!! So this is what things look like

  • Monday-2.5mg fermera & 850mg of metformin
  • Tuesday- 2.5mg fermera & 850mg of metformin
  • Wednesday- 2.5mg fermera & 850mg of metformin
  • Thursday- 2.5mg fermera & 850mg of metformin
  • Friday- 2.5mg fermera & 850mg of metformin ((Last day of femera)
  • Saturday/Sunday/Monday hope follies grow, grown!
  • Tuesday-8:30am Folllicual ultrasound ((fingers crossed that i have 1 or 2 that are mature)), Doctor likes to see them at 18 or bigger that is what they consider mature!

~*~*~* On another Note~*~*~*
Please say a prayer for my friend GiGi, she is doing her 1st round of clomid this week and she has her 1st follicule us on Friday! So please keep her in  your prayers that she will get her bfp this month :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Start Femera on Monday!!

Hello Everyone!

Af decided to arrive Saturday morning full force showing her ugly face...Well i was excited kinda because i wanna start this new medication! Femera! Iv heard great things about it..but it seems like im going to be on such a low low low dose..2.5mg? i dunno..fingers cross that it works that all i can hope for right!! If we get pregnant this round baby will be due in may..Hubbys bday is may 4th, and my bday is may that would be pretty neat! I have a good feeling about it!! Lets hope that im right :) 
also im on metformin and we cut my dosage down by half and iv been feeling 100% better!! thank gosh because i was feeling horrible!
ttc femera blinkieMETFORMIN

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

TTC giveaway?!? maybe!!???

So iv been throwing around doing a ttc giveaway
just have people subscribe to my blog and leave a comment
something simple

i was thinking ovulation test, and pregnancy test
a few infertility books
and a few other items..i dont wanna tell all my secrets :) its not going to be alot of expensive stuff..but something small :) any input would be great!!