Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New Morning and Night Drink...**yummy**

So My Reiki teacher told me about Red Raspberry Tea and said i should drink it...Yep pretty sure it was going to be nasty!! But i got it Friday Night and have been drinking it ever since...

Iv done some research and found out Red Raspberry Tea is good for the woman's body!!

Many women are misinformed about this herbal, please read carefully. Brewed as a tea, used by capsule or as an infusion, raspberry leaf is one of the safest and commonly used tonic herbs for women wanting to get pregnant or for women who are already pregnant. Red Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus) tones the uterus, and decreases constipation. This herbal is good to use for those who have had previous miscarriages, and problems with cysts. Red Raspberry Leaf has been taken during pregnancy, and after birth, given at a stronger dosage which is Tincture.

At this point in trying to conceive a baby i'm willing to try almost anything...and what can it hurt? Its healthy and good for my body!!