Thursday, January 5, 2012

long lost brother....(a random blog, nothing to do with infertility or getting pg)

So i have a brother that lives in Illinois and i have never met in my life!! We have been talking alot, threw text and facebook email..Hes younger then me..He met my dad for the 1st time a year back or so..He seems like a pretty good Kid...he has had his up and downs but i believe he has learned from his mistakes and hes moving forward! He wants to go to collage and get PHD in Psychology with an associates in the medical field. I have faith in him and i hope he achieves his goals in life! Someday we shall meet! I Hope sooner then later!! Maybe Next time i visit...........
I hope! But tonight he told me" good night sis i really enjoyed talking " it made me feel great!! i smiled

I have 2 amazing sisters who i adore and love so much and i have such a strong bond with! I hope some day i have that bond with my brother...and my kids will have an uncle!!