Wednesday, January 4, 2012

feel like a failure sometimes.

Do you ever get the feeling your a failure in life? I know we all get that feeling sometimes or at least once in our lives...Well here we go...i have that feeling...
why i feel like a failure

1) i can't make my husband a dad
2) iv gained weight after gastirc bypass,,,and i feel like a major fatty
3) my house is so un organized
4)i have no energy to do anything
5) i don't see any of my friends (however they don't make any effert to see me neither)
6) i feel like a horrible aunt because i don't see my neice and nephews enough
7) i feel like a horrible granddaughters because i don't visit my grandmother enough
8)i feel like a horrible daughter i do visit my mom enough
9) my body is broken
10)i can' even have a baby!!, or make my mom another grandma! I should have 1 kid by now, i should have been the 1st to get pregnant not my younger sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iv try ed to fix these...but i fail...i fail at making baby's...i fail at getting the weight off..i fail at it all!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna scream, cry, run away!!!!!!!!!!!

if i have made anyone mad or sad i'm sorry!! Im trying to make everything be good..I'M TRYING TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY..........INCLUDING MYSELF....