Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a Saturday!!!!

Hi!!! What a busy Saturday!! When to a scentsy party in the morning..then in the afternOon went to Winona and went to my friend Sarah's little girl Zoe's 3rd birthday!! She is so cute!! I had a good time...then came home had some KFC with the hubby and I took my first round of gonal f shots at 7:10pm at 187.5units then we got ready and went out to the bar and hung out with my friends and danced but no worrie no drinking for me!! I'm not going to chance anything no dinkIng.. Iv been "trying" to eat healthy but I really need to grocery shop but iv only had a few bad items :-( but as of Monday healthy healthy!! Iv been exercising and taking my vitamins so that's good!! The gonal f hasn't gave me much trouble... Some but not much!! I'm hoping and praying this will work!! I go into the doctor on Tuesday for bloodwork to see if my body is taking to this medication!! It worked one time so it will work again!!!!!!!! RIGHT?!?!

Ready Set Go!! Day 1 of Gonal-f shots!!