Monday, January 2, 2012


 I MISS my job!! Its so hard to have a job when  you doing fertility treatments your in and out of the doctors office and can't miss them have to get ultrasounds and bloodwork done on certain days at certain times! I had the best job working at Brighthorizons and they worked with me so well!! But it got to be so hard and stressfull!!
There is a Nanny Job in winona i would love to take 10$ an hour to watch a baby  i would love to do it! and the drive to winona is so easy and duing the winter time the roads are always clean...But No! Because if we start Gonal-F shots in a few weeks i can't take the job because once agian, back and forth from rochester for ultrasounds and doctors appt!! How i wish i had a job..kinda silly huh...I miss all my girls at BrightHorizons! They always made the day go good, and always had something funny to say!!
I miss it


mom said...

I am always here for you!!!!

Teresa said...

thanks :)