Wednesday, January 18, 2012

doctors app

Today i had my 2 year gastric bypass rny post-op follow up and everything is perfect! I have maintained my weight i have not even gained a pound!! whoop whoop!! Ok I'm still not at my goal weight but i haven't gained weight so i give myself credit for that. Almost 2 years since my life has changed for the better...My lab work came back perfect my blood sugar and blood pressure was PERFECT!!! The only medication i take now is...Prenatal, multi vitamins and a b12 shot!! how fantastic is that!!

                              BEFORE SURGERY

                                                                                     almost 2 years and 120lbs lighter!!

Ok....So today is day 4 of my provera still no signs of a period coming however i still have 6 pills left so looking at the middle to end of next week! Then we can start our gonal f shots...Im so excited but scared at the same time...but im so lucky to have such a great support system..I couldn't ask for better friends and family!!