Sunday, January 1, 2012

Its ok to cry.........


Yep its ok to Cry...i have random odd just burst into tear moments...and tonight was one of them..i cryed and cryed and cryed..on my wonderful husbands shoulder really i couldn't ask for a better man in my life. I know some of you can't even begin to wrap your silly head around what we are going threw..We want to be parents we would give anything to be parents...we are trying everything to become parents.. Its has even gone so far where i'm doing Reiki to help relive stress,drinking herbal tea, and doing detox diets just to ovulate!! No i'm on the path to exercising and eating right...I don't wanna eat to much, but yet don't wanna eat to little..don't wanna eat the wrong stuff, but  yet don't wanna deprive the next couple of weeks i will be taking the dreaded pregnancy test...yep dreaded is right because out of the lots and lots i have taken 99% of them were negative!!!!  it never gets easier seeing that negative sign..even if you know in you heart before you take the test that its negative! You still have that little bit of hope that your gut feeling is wrong a little spark of hope...but...most of the time your gut is right..



amandajolyn said...

MY heart goes out to you and your husband! Don't give up hope as anything can happen! My husband and I had been trying for the better part of 9 yrs. I loathed testing because I knew everytime I did what the results would be and it would just rip my heart out one more time. After being told it wouldn't happen because of PCOS and other hormonal issues my hopes weren't high. We'll be welcoming our Son in March.
My thoughts and prayers are with you as I've been there. When it's something you want with all your being and everything is telling you that being a mother is what you're supposed to be it's a very difficult and heartbreaking journey! Miracles do happen and anything is possible! Thank you for sharing your journey! You're not alone!!

Teresa said...

Thank you so much! That means so much to be...Sometimes i feel alone...writing my blog helps so much and finding friends online like you and others who have or are going threw the same thing helps!!
Thank you again!!!

Teresa said...

so much to me*