Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Negative....

Well this/last month we did clomid because my period decided to show up on its own and we didn't have the shots on we decided to give it a shot...hoping and praying it worked!! However yesterday i took a pregnavy test and it was


You would think after all the negative pregnancy test i have had in my life that it wouldn't affect me...It does it sucks!!! Well Onto shots again..
I will be starting provera on Sunday and as soon as my period 3 of my period we will do the gonal-f lets hope we have a sticky baby bean this time..another mc would tear my heart apart\ the point i might even give up...but anywho...its been a busy week

Looking forward to this weekend.. Brad Paisley Concert row 28! should be fun!!


Infertile Mormon Mommy said...

So sorry! I hate them... they all hurt! :(