Thursday, January 26, 2012

And the doctor said.......

Well....talked to the doctor and everything is order to start!!!!!!!!! So... here is what it looks like

  1. period (today 1-26)
  2. period (fri 1-27)
  3. Day 1 of shots...187.5 units (sat 1-28)
  4. Day 2 of shots...187.5 units (sun 1-29)
  5. Day 3 of shots ..187.5 units  (mon-1-30)
  6. Get blood work done before 9am then call lab talk after 3pm and then that will tell me to up my dose or decrees my dose or come in for an ultrasound
we have 2-900unit gonal f pens...i hoping we don't need anymore because they are very very expensive..Plus later on we still need to buy the ovidrel 1 time shot thats ($105.38) and the progesterone 20 days worth ( $39.03) sucks that insurance doesn't pay for any of that medication...but i am lucky it does pay for all my doctors app and my ultrasounds and blood work  

My Fears
  •  My body won't corporate
  • My body will corporate to well and to many eggs will be realest and if that happens the doctors won't want you to move forward because of  multiple births...we all know leo and i want kids..but i don't want us to be the next jon and kate plus 8 haha...If that happens that's alot of money we used to not move forward withl.
  • We will get pregnant...and end up in a mc again.....i don't know how i could handle that...
  • it just don't work

Excited?!? Yes very...but mostly scared....i will try my best to keep calm and take it day by day..
Going to my Reiki sessions once a week helps me alot!! I also need to remember if i don't feel like doing something then don't do it...take care of ME first!!..

Once again its going to be another emotional month but i can handle it...i/we have came this far...we can keep on going!!!!!

SOME EDUCATION FOR YOU ON MEDICATION( These are what i will be taking or have all ready took)

Provera: Medication to induce  your period 
Goanl-F Shots (follitropin alfa injection)  

progesterone suppositories