Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is been awhile

Hello!! Its been awhile since i have wrote...Nothing much has been going on. My nephew Blaze spent the night over the weekend..that was fun! I really enjoy having the kid around. An old friend of mine her father passed away over the weekend i wll be attend that funeral Friday morning. May God be with her and her family in this time of need! This week is another busy week...Yesterday (Monday) i did a ton of cleaning and today(tues) i took my grandmother grocery shopping..then Wed blood work at mayo then i get to do a 24hour urine sample thing, know where you have to pee in a bottle for 24hours yeah pretty much is gross..haha..then thur have to run that back into mayo and then Mike is going to look at the laptop! Lordy i have had so much trouble with this laptop and its not even mine!! Hopefully after all said and done my sister will sell it to us...i enjoy at night sitting and typing on the laptop relaxing and writing my blogs...much better then the desk computer...don't get my wrong i love our desk computer!!
Then Fri the funeral..busy week...but i like to stay busy!

Well i take a pregnancy test tomorrow...pretty sure its a negative...i took one like an hour ago and it was negative...then i will get my provera and start that...then as soon as my period arrives we will start the gonal f shots again! The gonal f shots arrived in the mail today! I was so happy!!

well hope everything is doing well