Monday, January 16, 2012

what is been going on lately?!

I have a ton on my mind! But 1st and formost before i get inot a long boring blog...I went Saturday night and seen Mr.Brad Paisley in concert we were on the floor row 28!! Amazing seats! I had a blast

Ok onto whats on my mind!!
MY WEIGHT....................Boys and girls iv gained weight and its driving me nuts and i HATE HATE HATE it!

I had gastric bypass almost 2 years ago the 29th of this month will be 2 years
day of surgery i was 287
my weight a few months ago was 162 lbs now im 171 thats ALMOST 10 FLIPPEN POUNDS!!!
i can see it in my face my face is getting so fat and puffy
so my mind is going crazy i need to get these 10lbs off before i get with in the next determind!! i go to the diatiten on wed  i hope she can give me some tips...

i started provera on sunday so today is day 2 of 10 as soon as my period comes we will start the gonal f shots..i figued out that if we get pregnant this time around we will be due the 2nd-3rd week in november (i think) so we will have Coltons bday in oct, or babys bday in nov and blaze in dec kinda cool if it all works out like knowing that all  this fertility stuff is coming up soon stresses me and scares the hell out of me

..i want to be a mom more then anything!!!

well i will write more in a few days...