Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I HATE all these hormone shots!! They make me so moody
 for no stupid reason and they make my body feel strange...i know all this is worth it and i will do it a million times over if i have to...I just wish it was done and over and we were pregnant...Im so scared about Thursdays ultrasound..i know my blood work was fantastic yesterday but nothing ever seems to go smooth for me..i'm waiting for something bad to go wrong....or for once will something actually go right for once?! only time will tell! 
 I am very blessed to have a great many man would stick around with a woman who has many emotions and who has pcos/ and can't give them a child!...He never gives up on me...i know some days i have been very hard on him..but hes all i have to lean on sometimes...My mom and sisters have enough to deal with...and i know leo does to....but he somehow makes everything better...even if its a simple text, hug, or making me a hot cup of tea..Even on my worst days he will do something to bring a little smirk to my face...(((Thank you Leo for everything))) <<Our dreams of becoming parents will come true someday, hopefully sooner then later>>

Tomorrow is my ultrasound to see how my body is doing and if i have any released eggs and if any are mature..with my numbers being so high im hoping they are doing great...and we have some that are mature or pretty close to mature! We are on our 2nd Gonal f pen...have a little over 800 units left on lets hope its enough to make it threw this round of fertility treatment!!!! We do have to buy our other medication this week around 140$ worth..ughh stressful... wish money grew on trees...but then we would be all gready people and take everything for granite in life...I am very happy with everything i have...I know i complain but im only human!!

Well that's it for the night!!!!!!!