Wednesday, February 29, 2012

last shot(lets hope)

So i just took my ovadril shot! Lets hope and Pray its my last shot for a loooong while!! If not we have enough meds to do 1 more round then might take a break...Its very hard on a person to do shot after shot after shot..I give anyone credit who has to do that on a daily base...My stomach was getting very sore from shots and i was even doing every other side..So now onto the 2 week wait....we have a date were suppose to test on...So lets hope and pay that that date comes fast!!!!! There is alot going on in March...Might be getting a new car...Fingers Crossed**high hopes**..but praying it works out...My mom and i are going away for her bday **early birthday** we have a hotel and going to see trace adkins in concert and dinner at red lobster...yummm!! Then hopefully a day at the zoo with the family...and another benifit for my friends little girl reana...then maybe a trip to illinois at the endsof march!!...So here is to  a fast couple of weeks!!!!!! and hope for a big fat positive!!!