Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Can u read my title? Tired, Bored, Mind is racing.....Yep so im going to blog!! I have some crazy bad cramps and some spotting **dislike** and i test in a few more days!! Must be a sign that im not pregnant or something went to the mail box and got a letter in the mail from my doctor with all my fertility shots prescriptions and my paper to fill everything out.....Lordy could this day get any more stress full ALSO on top of it all im spotting!! Yep!! How friken fantastic!...I wanted to make this cute marshmallow dessert for our vday dinner ya that pretty much was a epic fail..however i did make some cake batter puppy chow that turned out good...I just got my nails done yesterday and busted one off my thumb looks kinda silly..and i also burned myself on the wood stove...............UGH!!!!!!!!

Im going to take a nap..maybe that will get me out of this horrible horrible mood!!

On a good Note i did 2 admissions to the Minnesoa Zoo Thanks to WBHA 1190AM radio station