Thursday, February 23, 2012


So today was my estradiol blood test...and who would of figured that nothing can ever go right for me!! I swear LIFE hates me!!! So after 3 days of 187.5 my estradioal test was only 62.8 WTH?!? last time (only about 3 weeks ago) after 3 days of 187.5 my estradioal test was at 193...i see this month just like the 1st month we keep going on and on with  Bloodwork and do i keep strong?!? How do i n ot give up?!You  may never understand  me or what im going threw and to think that a simple bloodtest can make or break how your day can...when your hoping and wanting something so bad and its not kills you inside....I am only 1 person i can only handle so much emotional stuff...exspecally bad news...How do i keep moving forward? Testing, after testing, after failed results...After you want someonthing so bad and it so far away....i see no end at the tunnle...What did i ever do to end up with stupid pcos and all the dumb fertility issues?!?! What more can i do?!? Iv dropped 125lbs...Iv been exercising every single day iv been eatting every healthy...Sometimes im ready to throw my hands up and say im done...