Sunday, February 26, 2012

busy weekend & Blood work

Hello Sunday!! Wow, its been a busy weekend ....Now time to rest....Yesterday i had errands to run in the morning then i went and helped my friend Jennifer get ready for her daughter Reanas benefit she is 10yrs old and fighting leukemia..Shes such a fighter!! Its amazing how kids are just so strong... So i helped out starting at 3pm yesterday...there was a dinner, silent auction and a bake sale...and it turned out fantastic!!! So i wanna say Thank  you to EVERYONE who came out and helped support the Tentis family!! Then the hubby and I hung out with our friends until 2am...came home and went to bed around 3ish am...then was up at 730 and had to be in roch for bloodwork by 9am..and its a hr drive there and back...and its windy as all get out..i was soo tired and didn't wanna drive there for 1min worth of bloodwork...after we were done there we got some dog and cat food and came home and relaxed...(took a nice nap) woke up around 1pm...still tired...Gotta be back up to rochester at 810am tomorrow morning for a wonderful Us...So my bloodwork came back at 180 it was good...  but not as good as i was lets keep our fingers crossed for some mature follicles tomorrow!!! Well i will keep you up date and let you know how tommorw goes!!