Friday, February 3, 2012


As i sit here and my mind wont shut off...the next few weeks will be emotional for me i know it...first off the ovadril shot doesn't help it makes my boobs hurt and my body tired"its like a pregnancy hormone" and the 2 week wait will be starting soon in the next few days "not giving the day out" and i HATE that seems like it takes forever to come....and when the day does come im scared because i want nothing more then a positive test! Also im so sick and tired of hearing about people being pregnant ...And all these mothers who would rather drink and go out or pond there child to someone it makes me sick nothing they can have kids but yet so many of us who want them can't!! Or these mothers who kill there children or child...ugh makes me ANGRY!!!!!!!!
Also this Sunday i would have been 22 weeks pregnant...i would be out buying stuff and i would know the sex of my baby and i would be a pregnant lady for once...but NO it had to be taken from i still mad about that YES! maybe i shouldn't be but i am........yes im having a little pity party for myself!!!!!!!  All i want to do is relax the next 2 days........................however i need to run to winona and grocery shop and run other errands...........maybe saturday and sun i can...However i need to CLEAN also...i hate Cleaning!!! yuck wish i had a cleaning fairy!!!
Ps i also got the laptop so more bloggs!!!!!!! Yippie :)