Monday, April 29, 2013

33 weeks

33 week!!
were down to 49 days till my due! where the heck did the time go? it just seems like yesterday i was 3 1/2 weeks pregnant and freaking out!! No i have a little over a month left till we get to meet our beautiful baby girl!! EEEK! im excited, scared and overwhelmed with joy! I can't wait till our daughter is here! Im so so so ready to be done being pregnant..i know i shouldn't say that..but these friken leg cramps/spasams are killing me at night! I just wanna lay in bed and go to sleep..not lay down, get up and walk, lay down, get up and take a bath, lay down, then go on my exercise ball, then lay down and massage my hip or legs, i wanna just LAY DOWN AND SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!
I have been very tired, i  try to get up and do stuff during the day, clean, laundry, dishes ect...i have to push myself to do it..
I feel good most of the days besides the tiredness, i have not had any sickness..i have noticed that some food smells are making me gag again..just like my 1st trimester. My belly is gigantic!! But oh well, when she arrives i will get back in shape ( i hope) I have noticed swelling in my fingers when its warm outside or if im in a building where its warm..and sometimes at night my toes are a little swollen but nothing major.
Tori is a little mover and groover she still favers my right side..she is always on my right side and i have a big bulge on my right side of my belly its pretty darn funny when im laying down you can always tell where she is!
Leo and i went to all day lamaz class on Saturday it was pretty infomrattive, but also pretty long..and it killed us to be inside when it was 70 and sunny outside! but we managed it! and we stayed at a beautiful hotel in lacross and just relaxed Saturday night.. Sunday we got up and started the day early..ate some breakfast outside and then did a little big of shopping got me a pair of kapris and some flip flops..i was dieing in my maternity was around 72 and sunny and i need some kapris! Then we just spend the day sight seeing , stopped at a few parks and a few waterfalls.. it was perfect just Leo and I! It was so relaxing..lots of fun and smiles and just us..i wish the weekend didn't have to end..I miss him when hes gone! He is my rock!
We still have so much to do
-finish Tori's room

  • finish electrical
  • finish sheet-rock
  • paint
  • decorate
  • put up crib
  • put in her changing table
  • put in her dresser
  • organize
-de/clutter our bedroom

-i wanna give all the animals a bath a week or so before my due date
-wash Tori's clothes
-pack hospital bags

So much to do in such little time..lets hope she comes near her due date and not any earlier!!!!!!