Thursday, April 18, 2013

31 weeks and 3 days..

Can't belive were down to 60 days until my due date...EEEK!! time is flying..But i can't wait to see and hold her :)

We had a doctors apt today..we had a hour meeting with the nurse and did our birth plan and then she checked babys hb and it was perfect and measured my belly and it was perfect. All around my pregnancy is going great stupid dumb REST-LESS LEGS!!!!! sucks because im get alot more tired during the day because my sleep at night is crap!
however i did get some support socks that go all the way up my belly...and then my mother-in-law has this wonderfull machine that goes on my thights and leg/calf muscles and it pumps air and then lets it out..its a massager thing.. just got that today so im hoping and praying that helps alot!
still doing hot baths, eatting bananas, drinking vitamin water, working on my exercise ball, taking vitatmins, so any relief right now is great :)
We go back May 1st for a ultrasound! Pretty excited to see our little lady :)
Well have a good night!