Monday, April 1, 2013

29 WEEKS...and vent/rant...

hello 29 weeks! Growing momma/growing baby!

Hello Last day in my 20's!! Im 29 weeks pregnant today!! down to 11 weeks till my estimated due date!! whoop whoop.. were getting closer and closer!! I can't wait to have my body back!! well most i can't wait to stop having rest-less legs!! Its horrible!!
I have had a pretty darn good pregnancy and can't complain and try not to complain. Blood pressure has been great, morning sickness wasn't to bad, gained weight but not a big amount, feet have only swollen up a few times.. an well the occasional heartburn, and constipation.. but nothing has been as bad as my Rest-less legs!!! its going on almost 3 weeks of no stop twitching at night.. its getting to the point where it is physically and emotionally draining me.. when i crawl into bed at night i wanna cry... when i wake up in the morning i wanna cry.. im so tired my legs hurt and nothing seems to be working!! It sucks taking a bath at feels so good but your so tired you wanna fall asleep..but as soon as you get back into bed and relaxed here goes the crazy legs..

Here is everything i have tried 
-prenatal: take them every day
-extra vitamins: take them every day
-vitamins water: spending a $$ money to fill my fridge up with that
-bananas-eat them like crazy
-take hot baths at night-yep sometimes even 2
-i even got aroma therapy drops to put in my bath that says it helps with muscles
-drink lots of water
-tylenol pm-won't take makes my legs twitch worse
-unisum-works sorta scares me because the next day Tori' doesn't move very much at all
-meletonin-iv tried that yep..doesn't work
-going to the chiropractor-1 to 2 times a week-helps for 24hrs(sometimes)

Pretty sure my body hates me! I hope the doctor can help because i can't do this for another 11 weeks i will go crazy!!!!!!!!! 

were down to 11 weeks till our due date
1 week 5 days till my baby shower
4 days till my doctors appt!