Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Doctors appt!!

Had my doctors appt and my last ultraound! and guess what we got some cute 3d pictures!!!!!

Little miss Tori is weiging in at a whopping 4 lbs 7 oz. and has some chubby cheeks and lots of hair!
I think shes going to look like her momma!! :) She is head down and feet shes doing a headstand..we  got to see her practice breathing it was pretty cool and she was moving her little lips
We are down to 47 days till her due date!! thats crazy!! She will be here in no time! I can't wait to hold her and kiss her and love on her!! Leo gives her kisses at nights and talks to her..hes going to be an amazing daddy!!! I love him so much!!
Well iv gained...enough i will be working hard this summer thats for sure to get it off and get back in my size 8 pants or smaller would be nice!
my bloodpressure was perfect! i only get swelling in my hands when its hot outside, or hot in a bulding and i don't get much in my feet unless im walking a crazy amout.. my boobs are gigantic and hurt lol
my face is round and chunky..i swear half my weight is in my face!!
Hopefully leo will get most of the baby room done this weekend so we can paint!!!!!! i need to get things moving along so we can get the crib up, and clothes cleaned..and bags packed..wowsa alot to do..but i have family and friends who i want to help and i will take them up on the offers! i hate painting! so anyone who wants to paint come on over when its but i can't wait to see her room done..its going to be so cute!!
i have another appt in 2 weeks just a quick appt to hear baby and measure my belly and make sure everything is ok.. so lets hope everything keeps trucking along and everyone stays healthy!
here are a few pictures!
Look at all my hair!!!
33 weeks 2 days Baby tori, very chubby cheeks!