Monday, April 8, 2013

30 weeks...and growing......

Hello my fellow readers!! We are now 10 weeks till my due date... Hello 30 weeks :)

30 WEEKS! Hello baby belly!

Ok..Lets back up a few days! On friday We had a ob apt. And everything turned out great..Her heartbeat was perfect, shes moving and grooving around and mommy was measuring right on track! I have gained
30lbs!! Yuck Yuck Yuck! If you know me..i have a horrible body image problem. I know having a baby is a blessing and her growing and being healthy is all i want.. But gaining the weight scares the hell out of me.. I don't wanna be that almost 300lb girl again..ever, never ever ever again!! Leo and i have been trying to take walks in the evening so that makes me feel a little better.. and iv been "trying" key word..trying to stay busy during the day..but its hard when your so tired! Like today i got out of bed at 10:30..really who does that anymore? i could have been up cleaning!! ugh oh well..must have been tired! pretty sure i could sleep the rest of the day make matters worse yesterday two kwik trip employees asked me how much further i had to go and i said 10 weeks..and there response was.."wow your big, are you sure there is only one?" i bet your going to have a big baby.. well thank you..yes im only have one.. pretty sure i wanted to cry..Then i was upset and posted something on fb..and i got such kind beautiful words from all my friends and they made me feel wonderful..and i couldn't appreciate what they said anymore.. it was so nice.. and they made me feel so great..and thank you to everyone for the kind words!..
I know im bigger, I know iv gained weight..i see it everyday...but my baby is healthy and that is all that matters!! for the past 3 yrs after weight loss surgery i was so hard on myself..exercising eating this eating i have slacked off a little/or/well a lot since iv been pregnant..but i know after Tori is here i will get back to the gym..heck im so looking forward to getting back to the gym..and i will do lots of walking..and it will take time to get the weight off..but iv done it one time before..i can do it again!!

Anywho! The month of April is a busy month!!
My baby shower is this so excited..words can't even express it! I mean after almost 9 yrs i have thrown my fair share of baby showers..i never in my wildest dreams would have thought i would actually get to go and register and have my own baby shower!! Im just in ahh..up in a cloud excited! I can't wait to see what Tori gets!! Im so blessed to have a mom and 2 sisters who are throwing this party for me. its not going to be a small party..were up to almost 40 people..and they have done all the work..just a few things iv helped with..but honestly they are truly wonderful!!

Leo and i have another doctors apt in a week 1/2 we will be doing our birth plan! How exciting!!! Then on the 27th we have our all day lamaze class...then may 1st we get our 3d much going on
plus on top of it all we need to finish tori's room..i mean actually finish it!! put new electrical work in it.. put new sheet rock up..paint. we have a bunch of stuff to do!!!!!!!! i wish her room was finished before the baby shower this week..but i know it won't get done..but my husband is trying is hardest..hes such a hard worker and i know if he could snap his fingers and make it be done he would....i do really want it done though... sooner then later...

How am i feel....
pretty good..tired, tired and well more tired...she is pretty active..her kicks and punches are getting stronger and stronger each restless legs..well lets say they suck!! doctor couldn't help..she just said keep doing what im doing and hopefully it will get better... so we shall see.. i dont' see it getting better anytime soon.. but you never know!!

well i suppose..i will write more next week!