Monday, April 22, 2013

32 weeks.....

32 growing belly :)

Wow..we have 8 weeks left until my due date!!!!!! How crazy is that?!?! The babys room is in slow progress, but progress is being made..should be able to paint in a week or so! Yippie, makes for one happy momma, then we can get her crib up and everything else organized!! I can't wait!
Things are going Ehhh, ok i guess...sleeping sucks i have restless legs in both legs and leg cramps..yep don't know if this cany get any worse really..during the day im fine..besides tired/and up walking, taking baths, taking showers trying to relief the cramps/restless legs..its really taking a toll on me.. and i know there is nothing that is going to help besides what im doing.. but it could go away that would be nice!
Going to the Chiropractor today (hopefully) and getthing a massage tomorrow so lets hope and pray i get some relief from them!
Other then that everything is good. Had a doctors apt a week or so ago, did our birh plan and got to hear tori's hb everything is good there. Spent Saturday with my sister and newphew hit a few garage sales got some nice maternity tops and a few outfits for Tori (like shes needs them) This girl is going to have way to many clothes, because there are so many cute ones!!
We have our all day L&d class this saturday and then leo and i are staying at a hotel..can't wait should be a good day! maybe sundays weather will be pretty nice and we can do something outside.. this gloomy cold, raining, snowy weather is so depressing!!!!
Next wed i have another ultraouns to check on Tori and see how big she is measuring and make sure she is growing the way she is suppose to be growing.
Still slowly working on my Thank you cards..Goal is to get them out before Saturday! I think i can manage that!!
There are lots of things we need to do still :-/

Finish room
pack our bags
buy some diapers/wipes
buy her changing pad
clean the house
catch up on laundry

im sure there is more..