Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello 3rd Trimester (28 weeks)

28 weeks pregnant with our baby girl!

Wow, what can i say time is flying!! Seems like we just found out we were pregnant and i was so scared that something was going to happen. Each week was a milestone for us, heck each day ws a day closer to hear a heartbeat, one day closer to feel flutters, one day closer to feel kicks, one day closer to feel a jab in the rib Lol ! Its so amazing how you love someone so much you have not even met yet. She truly is my world and i can't wait till Leo and i can hold her and see her and just start our beautiful family! I thank God every day for this little Girl! She is truly a blessing and a miracle! She might never know how much she means to her mommy and daddy...well her whole family really!

Well what haven we done to prepare for Tori? Ummm.... Nothing....we have clothes for her... thats pretty much it.. so at least we know she won't be naked..Lol.. Im hoping and praying that things will start to pick up and maybe some family and friends will pitch in and help us finish the baby room.. Leo can only do so much as he works alot mon-fri..and well i can only do so much being pregnant and exahusted all the time. We need to pretty much transform my entire laundry/computer room into a babyroom!! i mean we need to put in a few  electric outlits..and paint and put up her crib and do all that other fun of now.. im stressed that nothing is going to get done.. I feel like my poor husband has the world on his shoulders and he is trying so so hard..but like i said..hes only one person and can only do so so greatfull for everything has done i could have not asked for a better husband..He truly is amazing.. and with me getting further along my energy comes and goes in spurts..i try my hardest i really do to get stuff done..but when your running on litterly 3-4 hours a night of sleep when you wake up your tired!! but i push myself..and i push myself..and i push myself to get stuff done..because if i don't..i know i will feel worthless and helpless..i don't want everything on leo's shoulders i want to be able to help... but somedays i just can't do it.. I just can't do everything i want to do anymore..i wanna do so much.. but i can't.. i miss my nephews so much..but its so hard for me to pick them up and i get so wore out with them..i love them little boys so much!! Thats why its nice to visit them when someone else is around anymore because i just can't do it alone..i would love for them to stay the night but only weekends work best because leo can help.. i never knew how hard pregnacy was on your body until now.. i love it and hate it all at the same time..i know i shouldn't hate it..but danr it somedays are hard.. its hard when you have to get up at 2:30-300am in the morning to take a hot bath because your hips hurt so bad you can't sleep! its hard when you want to do so much and your use to doing so much and you can't and you feel like your letting all your friends and family down and you feel like a faliure in life..ok...onto other stuff!! enough pitty party!!
My weekends are booking up fast! i love busy weekends :) Here is what is going on in my world :)

March 31st -Easter at our house
April 2nd-Taking my grams to the eye doctor
April 5th-My doctors apt
April 7th-In-Laws Easter Dinner
Apirl 13th-Baby Shower
Apri 17th-Doc apt with mom
April 25th- Breastfeeding Class
April 27th-Child birth class

And i know some where inbetween there will be another doctors apt for me..since were going to be going every 2 weeks now~