Monday, May 28, 2012

what did you do this weekend?!?!

Hello everyone! How was everyones 3 day holiday weekend?!? Mine was pretty good!
Sat: Hubby worked and then we had movie night at our house..and just relaxed the weather was kinda crummy

Sun: The weather was beautiful!! Went to the beach with my Best Friend Alicia and my Hubby we went there from like 1pm-530ish...then we went and had pizza after it was so much fun and relaxing!! i loved every my tan on for sure :)

Mon: Well today didn't go as planned... I really wanted to do like a million things with my hubby, go hiking and feed the deers at the park and just have fun...well i woke up in the worst pain to the point i was bent over walking to the bathroom..i had horrible cramps so bad and my ovaries felt so full and im so bloated!! so my day consist of laying on the couch and occasionally walking outside..did a load of laundry..and that was about it... My husband was so fantastic and took care of me Gatorade and made sure i had enough water and made sure i ate...he is truly a blessing did i ever tell you how much i love my husband?!? ALOT ALOT ALOT im like the luckiest girl ever!

Tue im going to get my a mani and pedi im way excited! Only if im feeling better..I hope i am!! because im getting them done for free :) Nothing beats free right?!?

Then my mom is going to be gone from fri -and come home mon so i will be spending the weekend with my sister and nephew!! It should be fun! I believe were going to try to go to the zoo one of the im looking forward to that!!

So..the pain iv been into has been horrible (Monday) cramps, cramps, cramps and more cramps and bloating and horrible Pain..i know i had over 20 plus follicles and im on pelivic rest and i should be ovulating soon..i would think?!?! so i'm hoping this mean ovulation and soon the pain will go away..thanks to resting, drinking lots of fluid, Tylenol and and icepack that makes things a little better!!! im also so bloated looks like im like 3 months pregnant..than gosh for stretchy pants because i was not even tempting to put my blue jeans on today!! it would have been depressing!!