Tuesday, May 8, 2012

mothers day......empty arms again... :(

so mothers day is arriving very quickly and im not looking forward to it what so ever..This would have been my 1st mothers day that i had a baby(s) in my belly.. however they were takekn away from us to soon and they are looking down on us...i have the most amazing mother in the world that im so thankfull for..and 2 beautiful amazing sisters who are fantastic moms and my grandmother who i love to death....but mothers day is always hard for me...i want something from a child or a card from my husband...but once again... nothing...besides a broken heart...and it makes me sad...becaue there are many many woman that will sit in silance on this day and just die inside...please rememer to be nice to everyone on mothers day as for you don't know there journey and what is going on in there lives!!

How to Handle Mother's Day... When You're Trying to Conceive

If you've been trying to get pregnant, but have not yet conceived, Mother's Day can be an emotional reminder of what you don't yet have in your life. We get it—many of us have been there, too. Here are seven ideas to help you enjoy your day...
Get out of dodge. Change up your environment and take a weekend getaway. Plan your trip in advance—this way you'll have something to look forward to instead of dreading the upcoming holiday. Your focus will be on your new adventure—dreaming about the future instead of thinking about the past. And consider this extra bonus: A trip that features some serious R&R can be a great way to get pregnant—think of it as a "procreation vacation."
Please your palate. Just for one day, store all your super-healthy eating habits away in the cabinet next to those rice cakes and live it up at bit. While trying to conceive, perhaps you've been focusing on nutritious foods, plenty of water, and never missing a day of your prenatal vitamins. But today is a day to eat and drink whatever you want. Have your partner make you something special—and don't skimp on the good stuff! Go for the butter, chocolate, wine … you name it! Plus, enjoying a meal in the comfort of your own home will help you avoid restaurants serving Mother's Day brunches.
Pamper yourself. Yes, you deserve it. Time spent trying to get pregnant can be taxing on your body and on your mind. Get a massage, get a manicure, get a new haircut, get some new makeup—just get out of the house and get to the pampering!
Steer clear of card shops. Really, just don't go there.
Go to the movies. Go see a comedy in the middle of the day and laugh your buns off. Heck, see two in a row. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Be sure to choose one that's appropriate only for adults—no kids allowed!
Head outdoors. On Mother's Day, go celebrate with the greatest Mama of all: Mother Nature. Hang out at the beach, take a hike the woods, swim in the ocean, or bike along your favorite trail. Nature has a knack for getting us out of our heads and into a different frame of mind. Plus, you most likely won't see big balloons or banners screaming "Happy Mother's Day" in the great outdoors.
Present yourself with a present. Either buy one for yourself, or flat out tell you partner that you'd like something special. Why? Because although you may not have a baby in your arms this Mother's Day, you're been putting out some serious mother energy in trying to conceive, so you deserve some recognition on this day as well.
So, whether you've been trying the old-fashioned way (leaving it up to fate) or have been exploring fertility treatments, whether you've been trying for three years or three months, whether you've always dreamed of being a mom or have just felt the pull in the recent past, you too deserve something special this Mother's Day.