Monday, May 21, 2012

love hate doctors appt today

so Iv been doing 6 days of gonal f to get my follicles to mature. Today i had an ultra sound to see if i had any follicles growing or any mature

Right size 
1) 11*11
Left size

18 and above is mature so i don't have any mature follicles but i have around 7 measureable ones
so with that said that say i over stimulated so...what they are going to have me to do..don't take anymore gonal f tonight or tomorrow (mon, tue) and go back in for an us on wed morning and see if some of the smaller ones fizzled out and the bigger ones matured..if so then hopefully i can take my ovadril shot and then timed bding and then wait for our bfp **hopefully**

but if not and alot of them grew then we will have to just cancle this cycle and start fresh next month...and i don't wanna do that what so ever...because gonal f is very very spendy!!  so i just want 2-3 mature follicles and  to make 1 or 2 babies and get my bfp and leo and i become that so hard to ask for?!?
ugh kinda body is dumb!!


Quinn said...

I hope the US goes well on Wednesday! I wish we could ask why our bodies don't want to cooperate :( Lots of baby dust and prayers!

Teresa Newman said...

Thank you so getting antsy for wed morning to arrive..i just wanna know what its going to bring!! :)
Thanks for the prayers and baby dust!!