Sunday, May 20, 2012

hsg test from H.E.L.LOOOO!!

oK!! i have not updated since i had my hsg test on friday and my e2 blood test
My E2 test was great it was 123 so it was good!

Ok my hsg test turned out good...but was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i was scared enough to get this test done...but i will never do it again!!!!!!!!!!!
so they cath you and then put a blue dye threw your tubes...omg it hurts hurts hurts and burns..i was clamping onto the table and yelling it hurts, it hurts, it hurts..and between almost passing out and throwing up..I WAS IN PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i had to do 3 more days of shots...and tomorrow i get an ultrasound done on Monday to check out my follies and measure them to see if i have any that are mature!! keeping fingers crossed :) 
also i found a BIG 4 leaf clover today..that means good luck right?? maybe this is my month..maybe i will get my big fat positive!!!  :)


When are you going to have a baby? said...

Hi, I'm new to reading your blog. I'm sorry your HSG was so painful. I had one done in January and it was miserable as well. The positive is that the results were all good. Yay! Good luck.

Teresa Newman said...

Hi!!! Thank you for taking time to read my blog :)
Yes my hsg was horrible!! but so thankful that results were good :)

Thank you for the comment!!!